1. Sagenut

    Android Tutorial How to create more Instances of the same AVD Emulator

    Maybe this info can be useful to someone. Normally from B4A AVD Manager it's not possible to start more instances of the same AVD normally. We get a Warning that executing many times the same machine is an experimental feature and we need to modify some parameter (I did not tried it). And it's...
  2. xky

    Bug? RandomAccessFile.WriteObject for List have activity Obj.

    In an Activity with List.Add(Obj), when the Obj is a instance of a class, in the Obj members will have a member that is the activity, why? For example: Class CL a as int b as int Class end if the instance of CL is ICL in ICL that are: a b Activity (Why have it?) when use list.add(ICL) to...