itunes connect

  1. M

    iOS Question Posting app with Windows PC

    Hi, i followed all steps from the instruction and the IDE displayed "success" but I don't see program in Itunes Connect. What should have happened? Thanks for all answers!
  2. Scotter

    iOS Question No iPad (only iPhone 8) - how do I generate screen shot for iTunes?

    Happy Saturday @Erel @mcqueccu Hope you two are safe and stocked up. Any ideas how a Windows guy with only an iPhone 8 (no iPad) can generate iPad sized screen shots of my app for iTunes app submission? In B4i designer, the app does adapt to landscape. They accepted my first version because...
  3. Scotter

    iOS Question iTunes publishing new/changed version of iOS app

    I finally got my app on the iTunes app store, approved, and published. Thank you, @mcqueccu for the help in porting from B4A to B4i and helping me get it published!!! Found very small issue in the app and made the change. Changed version from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, recompiled, and re-uploaded...
  4. mcqueccu

    Wish Get Screenshot from hosted builder or iOS emulator tool for PC

    Background: I finished developing my first B4I app with my testing device of iPhone 5s, I then used the screenshot resizer tool to generate other screenshot sizes for my app and uploaded to the app store. I got Metadata rejected because the images on larger screens look stretched in width...
  5. S

    Android Question How to complete the app store publishing?

    Hi Everybody after upload my firt app (without error) using itunes connect service of B4i I go on the apple store connect page to fill all the required info along with the privacy policy link now mandatory required. I put all the screenshots, description & references as request. But, everytime I...