1. R

    Android Question Can I update to a newer version of SQLCipher?

    Currently using SQLCipher 1.6, which uses SQLite version 3.25.2 and was compiled 25/Sep/2018. According the .xml file (SQLCipher.xml) SQLCipher depends on the .aar file android-database-sqlcipher-4.0.0.aar. Now I have newer versions of the SQLCipher .aar file, that is...
  2. C

    B4J Question [ABMaterial]ABMGridBuilder.jar not working

    Hi all, I have an issue with ABMGridBuilder when I double click on the ABMGridBuilder.jar file it will not load the builder. How can I sort this out? Do I need to re download it? If so please can I have a link to the download(the links that I have been trying on other posts have not been...
  3. K

    iOS Question As of today, is a .jar library still foreign to B4i ?

    I know as of some years ago it was not possible to use either a .jar library or even Java code directly in an B4i project. Is that still the case today ? No way of using code from an existing native Android project in B4i ? Thanks
  4. Y

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] Problema con B4J el fichero .jar no se ejecuta.

    Buenas tardes, comencé a programar con B4A y ya tengo alguna aplicación hecha funcionando. Me gustó tanto el sistema que decidí empezar a pasar mis aplicaciones de escritorio a programas java con B4J ya que las puedo comunicar muy bien con las que voy realizando en B4A. Ahora que tengo una...
  5. Antonio D'Angeli

    Android Question .jar third-party ... this stranger!

    my dears (sorry for my english but google's translator's fault) it is by many that I develop in various languages but above all in .net lately I am using b4a (quite complex management systems have been running for some time with my clients) and I am extremely happy for the convenience of...