1. C

    B4J Question jPOI crash when reading Workbook with wrong password

    Hi, Is there a way around the crash you get if you send wrong password during opening of a workbook with password ? Dim excel_wb As PoiWorkbook 'Read excel file excel_wb.InitializeExisting("", FileName, "password") If there is no password on the workbook then it opens fine. If the password...
  2. Programing Center

    B4J Question Error with JPOI Library

    Hi all, i user JPOI Library for do with excel in my app. when i run with b4j compiler all the thing are good and i don't have any error. when i compile with B4JPackager11, it makes crash and closed. what should i do? i find this error XML-BEANS compiled schema: Could not locate compiled schema...
  3. G

    B4J Question [Solved] OpenDocx get Text from Cells in MSWord Table

    I have a MS Word (docx) file with a table in it, 2 rows each with 3 cells. What I am trying to figure out is how to log the text of each cell. The table looks like this: The code (below) found on examples on this forum in this form is logging just the first cell in the first row. I can get...
  4. K

    Android Question aPOI, Adding pictures to sheet.

    Currently using the aPOI library to create xlsx files. I'm looking to add pictures onto the sheet and am not sure if the library supports this yet? I've looked into the XSSFWorkbook Function - AddPicture and AddPicture2 and can successfully create an xlsx with no errors, however no pictures are...
  5. Patent

    B4J Question jPOI for Tables in Word

    Dear Community, have a Question about missing depencies, see the little Example. Want to add a new Grid in a Table in a Word XDoc with jPOI, based on Erels I copied all the .jars correctly. (All other things are...
  6. Patent

    B4J Question Get Access to opened MS-Word .docx

    Hi Guys, I'am editing an existing MS-Word Document on a disk with jPOI and it works well. Question is: is it possible to get the Data of an already opened (not saved) docx Document? With jPOI? or better with VBS? greets Patent
  7. KMatle

    B4J Question jPOI: Cell.Type "Date"?

    I have an Excel file with a date column. When I check and read the cell it returns NUMERIC as the cell type. Unfortunately there is no "date type" as the list shows. I logged these values: Log(Cell.CellType) Log(Cell.ValueDate) Log(Cell.Value) which created NUMERIC 40319 Fri May 21...
  8. Mark Read

    B4J Tutorial jPOI Library - Automatic column width.

    I was trying to get to grips with setting the column width in my Excel table. According to the help I tried: number of characters x 256, but all my columns dissappeared! Setting a value of 2560 gives a width in Excel of 9.29 or 70 Pixels, enough for 9 characters. 2560/9.29=275 which I...
  9. Mashiane

    B4J Question jPOI - How do I set and apply a filter and only get the rows affected?

    Hi there I want to be able to apply a filter on a particular column, let's say C and then apply a filter that excludes all blanks on that column and then the rows that I will access are only the ones applicable to that filter? Is that possible? Thanks!
  10. Mashiane

    B4J Question [SOLVED] jPOI how to return 'value' in formular cell?

    Hi SOLUTION: I have a large worksheet with a lot of columns that have formulas. I want to read the worksheet and save the values to a database. I am able to read the rest of the data however...
  11. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial jPOI to the case today...

    Phew What a long day. This morning I receive a request to consolidate 1.1GB worth of data with 511 files, excel spreadsheet files from a particular tab that has about 120+ columns and I should use a similar template to write all the consolidated rows. Thanks to b4j and jPoi, following on Erels...
  12. T

    B4J Question jpoi : Using different cellstyle

    Hello, I recently discovered the jpoi library, and that seems wonderfull. I am facing a problem I really don't understand. I need to create cells using different style Sub Process_Globals Dim wb As PoiWorkbook Dim sheet1 As PoiSheet Dim Ter_number As String Dim Ter_Name As...
  13. K

    B4J Code Snippet jPOI Get A Cells Text Property (Display Value)

    The code is the equivalent of the VBA .Text property of a cell. It's the value displayed to the user including formatting such as thousands separators,decimal places and currency. It requires the latest version the jPOI library that wraps Apache POI 4.00. Sub...
  14. E

    B4J Question Unicode Words diplays in Labels..

    Hi All, I am making a Quiz Game in which Questions taken from Excel sheet...& displays in two label in two language...One is english and another is my language Hindi... Using Jpoi library I read the excel sheet sucessfully but English is ok....Hindi fonts are not properly displyed...I...
  15. iordanis lazoudis

    B4J Code Snippet export Tableview to excel with jPOI

    This is my first code snippet, for exporting a tableview to an excel. ITs my first serious attempt to work with b4j after trying various tools for months. I am now certain i made the best choice to start working with b4j. After searching the forum i managed to put together this sub... no big...
  16. J

    Android Question Use Jpoi in B4a . bad class file magic (cafebabe) or version

    I tried JExcel Api , but Jexcel can only output max row of 65000 . Jpoi can support more than 65000 row ? Can I use this JPOI in B4a ? I trying to add the library into B4a , but I getting the error below : UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: bad class file...