1. X

    B4J Question Why are the generated JSON sorted with Json librarys

    I try to parse this XML file and generate JSON. Why is the data order of the generated JSON file different from that of the original XML? Instead, it is sorted the same. Why can't we generate JSON files in the same order as the original data. I am not good at communicating with others in...
  2. S

    Android Question How to fill B4Xcombobox from JSON data (JSON to ARRAY) ?

    Hello, I'm trying to get a JSON data to a dropdown B4Xcombobox, but not succeeding. I also tried to change the maptoarray via a sub found on the forum. Created the json parser via the online tool. JSON is simple like...
  3. PaulMeuris

    B4A-JSON app tutorial using B4A, JSON, MySQL and PHP.

    Are you up for another challenge? Try this tutorial. Maybe you like the end result. This is how it will look like: You will find some interesting links to other study material in this tutorial. And of course here is the link: B4A-JSON Happy coding! Paul.
  4. Mashiane

    [BANanoVuetifyAD3] Server Side Rendering (Almost)

    Hi there Yesterday I got meself thinking, what if I could ensure SSR (Server Side Rendering) be possible in the BVAD3 apps.? Server-side rendering (SSR) is an application’s ability to convert HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page for the client. The web browser submits a...
  5. D

    Android Question Problem decoding JSON with array

    Hi All Having a bit of a mare with decoding a json dataset Dim json As JSONParser Dim text As String '= j.GetString text = $"[{ "errors": "OK,203", "LegOtherID": "100321888", "ExtraTypeID": "19233"...
  6. C

    Android Question does not load the banner!

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me. I don't know how to fix! I created an admob account, I connected Firebase. App added (currently on Playstore). downloaded the google-services.json file and saved in the app folder created advertising bunner. Later tried to insert id admob test. modified...
  7. A

    B4J Question losing character when using File.WriteString

    I need to save a json file to read after. but when it save de file, it lose two essential character. This is the part of the file that i send: "key": "value<br><font size = \"1\">value</font>", And this is what it goes to the file: "key": "value<br><font size = "1">value</font>", It loses...
  8. Pxs

    B4J Question Send FCM group notification to both Android and IOS

    Hello I've been using a B4J program to send FCM notifications to Android clients. We're now adding IOS support. Problem is, a notification formatted for android does not show on IOS ( lacks the additional json info) and viceversa (android does not like the additional fields) For now, we...
  9. W

    Android Question sqlite "no such function" runtime error

    Dear all, I have successfully done following queries in DB Browser for SQLite: INSERT INTO tblUser (name, phone) values("oz", json('{"cell":"+491765", "home":"+498973"}')); SELECT json_set(tblUser.phone, '$.cell', '123') FROM tblUser; SELECT tblUser.name From tblUser WHERE...
  10. cklester

    B4J Question Unavoidable Spaces In JSON from API Upsetting the JSONParser

    I'm getting some JSON from a website, and they apparently don't properly terminate their strings. It's causing this error: Looks like the spaces in the string values are causing issues. How can I properly parse that string into JSON, since I have no control over what I receive from the API?
  11. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation [Free] Weather App

    Building a Weather App One of my recent projects required me to build a weather app that would work with an API of my choice. This was my first introduction to working with a weather API, so I knew there was going to be a steep learning curve, but I was excited about the chance to finally get...
  12. D

    Android Question JSON parser

    Hey I faced such a problem, I will be glad to any advice or help, perhaps someone has already encountered such a problem. I store my data encoded as strings (locally and on a remote server, like base64). Now, when I receive a JSON file, I get an error because the string that I need to decode has...
  13. M

    Android Question "Heavy work" and freezing - multithread?

    Hi everyone, I've an app that need to download an huge dataset. We are talking about making a http request the return a json of 8000 rows, that need to be stored in a local SQL DB in the device. Now.. the problem is the following: downloading and storing all the rows in the DB takes a while...
  14. M

    B4J Question B4J Context Menu questions

    I have a TextField on a form. Running the project and right-clicking the TextField (with text in it), by default, produces the following context menu with some text selected. I'd like to append/add to the existing menu, so that it don't lose the existing menu items and their functionality. How...
  15. S

    Android Question Parsing JSON string created with DBUtils.ExecuteJSON

    Hello, Created a JSON using DBUtils.ExecuteJSON by passing required parameters and then converted it into a string using toString method. Works fine. Verified that it's a valid JSON. Now I want to parse this JSON and extract individual values. This generated JSON starts with root and I...
  16. aeric

    B4J Question [Solved] Posting JSON to Shopee API

    Shopee is an e-commerce platform. The documentation for their Open API is avaialble at https://open.shopee.com/documents?module=63&type=2&id=53 I have developed a B4J Non-UI app but unable to get the expected results. B4J: When I use Postman to post the request, I get the correct result...
  17. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Extracting a value from downloaded JSON data

    Greetings, I'm learning how to work with JSON and did a lot of searching and came up with the following coding. It's just a few lines of code but I thought it is at least enough to pull some data out of the downloaded data. I'm sure I messed up with the coding in several places and would like...
  18. Ferdari

    Java Question SOLVED Passing String to lib saves with bad characters

    If i pass a string to my library it encodes some characters bad: mylib.SaveStringToJson("https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app") This function saves a JSON file for library internal management, but inside some characters are changed like this...
  19. lnxpy

    Android Question Getting "Bad Request" in posting JSON Data to an Endpoint

    Hey guys, hope you're doing well. I want to create an application to post some JSON data to an endpoint and get a field from the returned response. Whenever I click the button it takes back with the "Bad Request" error and says that two "title" and "script" fields are required. (I've already...
  20. P

    Android Question how to get a specific index of a json list?

    Hi, using the json tree viewer I was able to get values in a for - each loop. How can I access a specific index? I would like to access element 'Instrucciones' of object 2 This is the code for-each Dim parser As JSONParser parser.Initialize(File.ReadString(File.DirAssets...