1. M

    Wish [B4X] ScrollingLabel with different modes

    Hi everyone, how many of you would like to have the ScrollingLabel (in XUI Views) settable in multiple modes? For example i would like to have "Ping Pong" scrolling, instead of the "Loop" scrolling i think it could be an "easy" but cool upgrade for that view :)
  2. FernandoMassa

    Android Question The color of the Label not change. (link video showing.)

    Hello everyone, I have a problem and I don't know if it's because of some configuration on my phone or if I'm doing something wrong. Phone is: Xiaiomi Mi Note 10 with MIUI 13.0.12 Global 🙃 The video showing my problem.
  3. Brian Michael

    Android Question Label Long Text - View More

    Hi, does any body knows how to create something like: View More And then the long text expand
  4. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet [DSE] SetLabelTextOverrun behaviour.

    It seems more appropriate to post small Designer Script Extensions here so here another one. Set the TextOverrun behavior for a Label. Usage: {Class}.SetLabelTextOverrun("CENTER_WORD_ELLIPSIS",Label2,Label3) {Class} is whichever class you put the method in. You can set the same behaviour on...
  5. M

    iOS Question How to make label detect link

    How to make label detect links for website, mail and phone number in b4i? see this in stackoverflow
  6. P

    Spanish Reiniciar las variables como si se usara por primera vez la app.

    Hola Foro. Saludos. Tengo un proyecto de calculadora básica (suma,resta,multiplicación,división). De los ejemplos, la mayoría usan el edittext para ingresar los datos, yo quiero usar botones y etiquetas para ingresar los datos, hacer la app tipo calculadora.... Aclaro, mucho de lo que he...
  7. M

    iOS Question Padding label

    How to add padding to a label in b4i? In this link, many way to add padding to a label. adding space padding to a uilabel But how to use this ways? For example: let UIEI = UIEdgeInsets(top: 60, left: 20, bottom: 20, right: 24) // as desired override var intrinsicContentSize:CGSize {...
  8. J

    Android Question B4XView to contain text with scrolling

    I have a reasonably sizeable amount of text which I want to display. I want scrolling (ideally both vertical & horizontal, but at least vertical) so that if it's bigger than the space allocated in the Designer the user would be able to see all the text using scrolling. As I'm using B4XPages, I...
  9. epiCode

    B4A Library [B4X] LineUtils v1.2 - get required height for multiline TextView/label with variable line spacing

    LineUtils Version: 1.2 Based on code by Erel for StringUtils function MeasureMultilineTextHeight StringUtils function calculates the height for multiplier value 1 only. With this function you can calculate height with variable line spacing. LineUtils Methods: getMultilineHeight...
  10. epiCode

    Android Question label not receiving _click event

    I have a custom class which has one label and one panel, initialized like this // In DesignerCreateView sub //...... lbLabel.initialize("Lbl") Panel1.initialize("Pnl") //...... //also there are sub to handle _click event for both Private Sub Pnl_Click Log("This is working") End Sub...
  11. M

    iOS Question Text in the Label

    Hi there I'm facing problem i cant put text on top of the label. How to do it?
  12. epiCode

    B4A Library LEDLabel 1.01

    This is my first attempt to create a library Please be kind :) This allows you to make a label with tiny indicator on left which can be turned on or off (with any choice of color) Usage instructions: - Download the ledlabel.jar & xml and put it in the B4X additional library folder - Add...
  13. epiCode

    Android Question b4xview rounded corners

    I have changed my labels to b4xview for compatibility with b4j and b4i, some of the code used label.background = colordrawable. However b4xview has only color attribute (which only changes background color). I need colordrawable since it also makes the label have rounded corners. How can I...
  14. M

    iOS Question AttributedText and CSBuilder not working

    Hi guys.. i'm trying to write a text in a Label with an icon at the beginning.. i can't do it, csbuilder act weird, i think i'm doing the correct way.. This code Dim cs As CSBuilder cs.Initialize.Font(Font.CreateMaterialIcons(20)).Append(Chr(0xE855)).Pop...
  15. Alexander Stolte

    B4i Library [B4X] [XUI] AS Label - CrossPlatform Label

    This is a simple label view, in IOS roundings are removed when resizing or colors are not displayed properly. This can be fixed by placing a panel under the label, this view does the work for you. Just set the properties you want in the designer like in a normal label. ASLabel Author: Alexander...
  16. red30

    iOS Question Wrong color fill of labels

    If "Handle Resize Event" = false in the designer, then when filling a regular label with color, I get the following defects: lbl1.Color=Colors.ARGB(255,198,50,36) How with "Handle Resize Event" = false, to get the normal fill? I tried setting up the label as B4XView and filling it color, but...
  17. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question Automatic label sizing

    Hello, In B4i there is a parameter in label that says to automatically adjust the text to fit in a label. Is there the "reverse" function - automatically adjust the label height or width to the text? Is there any recommended technique to do this? Thanks community!!!
  18. M

    Android Question Get Touch Event of a Label

    Hi everyone, i was wondering, there is a way to retrive the _Touch event from a label? Thanks in advance
  19. A

    Android Question Control Programmatically Added Labels

    Hi! I have some labels added to a scrollview programmatically. User determines the amount of labels. I named them lbl1. I need the whole lbl1 of each labels. But the last one is just have lbl1 as its name.
  20. mare1980k1

    Android Question Vertical alignment align of text in a label - programmatically

    Hi, I am declaring a label as such: Dim TextTrending As Label TextTrending.Initialize("TextTrending") TextTrending.Text = "Trending" TextTrending.Padding = Array As Int (0dip, 0dip, 0dip, 0dip) TextTrending.Gravity = Gravity.TOP I would like to align text to the top programmatically in the...