1. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question [RESOLVED] Remove top of the panel edge

    Hello everyone! how can I make a border on a panel and then remove a top part of the border to put a label with a transparent background. note that the background color of the panel is transparent. I need the background to be transparent because there are screens for apps that contain gradients.
  2. T

    Android Question scalable size unit

    ' Hi, he says. Service for friends. as you know and perhaps face this problem, label.textsize What is your proposal or solution to this problem with problems that we have at all times
  3. S

    iOS Question Shadowy line around label

    Dear B4X, When I set a labels height quite small (sub 25px) or its width only slightly wider than the text in contains, I get a shadowy line appear at the top and right-hand sides of the rectangle. Screenshot is below. Is there anyway to get rid of this? Regards, Simon.
  4. T

    B4A - Duvida - Demonstrar resultado do Mapa em Tela

    Bom dia. Pessoal, sou iniciante em B4A, comecei meu primeiro aplicativo ontem, mas, estou com duvida sobre como mostrar meu mapa em tela. Fiz um mapa para gerar números randômicos, mas, não consigo de forma alguma exibir o resultado em tela. Como posso fazer para exibir o resultado em uma...
  5. Penguin

    iOS Question Make Label Text selectable

    Is it possible to make text in a label selectable with a long press, so that the user can copy it?
  6. A

    Android Question Set part of the label text to bold

    Hi all. My question is - how to set part of the label text to bold? Let say I have a label text such as Client Name Client address Client Type So I need to show only Client Name in bold and rest of the text is Normal. Is it possible? Thanks. Be safe.
  7. carlos7000

    Android Question Change some properties of a label at runtime

    Hi. ¿How you can change the Horizontal Alignation property or change other properties of a label when the label was dynamically created? Thanks
  8. Eric McDonald

    Android Question Using Searchview to capture String

    Hello all, Fairly new to B4A, so this may be a simple question... but it's got me stumped. I am using a SearchView as found in the SearchViewExample (found on the forum). However, I am having difficulty implementing it into my own code. What I wish to do is take the selected text (from the...
  9. D

    iOS Question Add outline to text

    How can I add an outline to the label text? I found the answer in swift:

    Android Question LTR or RTL Form direction

    Hello, According to the ltr or rtl language direction coosen by the user, Please, is it an easy way to call : 1: a text or label (with direction settings rtl or ltr) 2: a complete form direction (label + Edittext) or (Edittext + label), example: or : Today, according to the language...
  11. Brandsum

    Android Tutorial Load HTML to Label

    (Here is the iOS version) This is how you can set HTML data to Label (works only in release mode), Dependencies: StringUtils, jSoup, LabelExtras Here is the code, Dim extraHeight As Int = 0 'global variable (height of images) Dim htmlParser As Html 'global variable Dim jSoup As jSoup 'global...
  12. Brandsum

    iOS Tutorial Load HTML to Label

    (Here is the Android version) This is how you can set HTML data to Label, Public Sub SetHTML(l As Label, htmlString As String) Dim NaObj As NativeObject = Me NaObj.RunMethod("SetHTML::",Array(l,htmlString)) End Sub #if OBJC - (void)SetHTML: (UILabel*) Label :(NSString *) htmlString{...
  13. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD: XUI_Design

    Goodmorning everyone, We have often discussed in this forum in different threads about the need to be able to insert XUI from design. We all know that the direction that is suggested by AnyWhere software is to create in the design the native views and then replace B4XView to the type...
  14. E

    iOS Question [Solved] FontAwesome not working as button icons

    (re: related thread: ) I had an issue where FontAwesome icons that looked great in Designer: were not displaying in the actual program: and what I eventually tracked it down to was a programming...
  15. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Text from SQLite into Label being truncated

    This is my first question, so please bear with me. I am reading a field from SQLite to populate a Label inside a ScrollView that sits on a tab in a TabStrip. It all seems to be working fine, but it seems that the very long text strings are being truncated. For example, one string in the DB is...
  16. M

    Android Question Accesing propertie of a label created at runtime?

    Hello everybody, please apologize my english... I am doing an App, and the forum was very helpfull, but i cant figure how to do this: My app has an Scrollview, with a Panel inside, and at runtime i created some labels added to the panel (sv.panel.addview) and asigned an "event name" when...
  17. C

    Android Question Bluetooth Printing with AsyncStreams

    I wrote an application a little while ago to print to a Bluetooth printer. It worked, but occasionally it would lock up. I was using a TextWriter, which I subsequently found out was not the way to go, with AsyncStreams being the preferred way to go. I've just created a small sample application...
  18. jroriz

    B4J Question Paint a label based on its value

    Hi. Is there a better way to acomplish this? I need to paint a label, based on the value, from light red to solid green, passing through the yellow. My solution: ' Use: myLabel.Style = Paint(mylabel.text) Sub Paint(value As Double) As String Dim rgb As String If value > 90 Then rgb =...
  19. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] IconButton and TalkBack

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers needs to use my app with TalkBack. It's almost compatible with TalkBack. The views that work with it are the label views and sliders. The app is also using the IconButton view but TalkBack speaks "Unlabled button" when the user slides a finger over they type of...