1. M

    Spanish Libreria mapbox

    Hola, tengo unos proyectos con mapas que usan la libreria de GoogleMaps, y quisiera saber si alguno conoce alguna libreria para usar los mapas de mapbox Muchas gracias
  2. maxh2815

    Java Question How do I use the androidx libraries?

    I'm trying to create a small library to do a wrap of the class. Where is the jar file I need to reference to include these androidx libraries? It doesn't appear to be included in the default android jar, and I cant find it anywhere in the android-sdk folder. Do I need...
  3. LordZenzo

    Share My Creation GiLoWordUtils

    Android Question OneSignal

    Hi everyone Is there a B4A library for OneSignal?
  5. A

    Java Question How to wrap Libs with java 8?

    Hi Is any way to wrap an android studio lib that syntaxed with java 8 to b4a lib? If it's impossible, say when java 8 syntax will be added to b4a? Thanx
  6. Albert Kallal

    Android Question Use Android Watch Faces in B4A phone app?

    Is there a library floating around that would let me use a watch face in a regular Android phone application? I certainly seen a few questions around this forum in regards to building a watch app, but I am just looking to use a nice looking watch face in an Android phone app. (ie: not a watch...

    Android Question ironsource advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best and new " ironsource advertising library " for b4a ? Thank you 🌹

    Android Question AdColony advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best and new " AdColony advertising library " for b4a ?
  9. M

    Android Question Using external jar lib

    Hello all, I need help using a third-party library with B4a. They provided me a minimal library to certify if I could use it with B4a. The sample library should return the uppercase of a string I declared it in the project with... #AdditionalJar: string_converter then I called up the...
  10. yaniv hanya

    Android Question adding jar lib to the IDE

    Hello, I want to use the felUsbSerial jar lib in my project. I couldn't find the way to add it to the IDE. how do I do it? just add the lib to my editor and project... thanks
  11. Mashiane

    B4J Question What else is not allowed in a comments?

    Hi there I've compiled a library in B4J and then in my comment just above the sub name I used '&'. Ive been wondering why my Intellisense was not working until i noticed 'invalid description' in the IDE. Went back to my lib to see what was wrong, nothing, then I replaced & with the word and...
  12. alimanam3386

    B4A Library [Lib, Chargeable] Amir_RecyclerView

    New b4a library! :) RecyclerView, an important part of the sdk and android for making a custom list with better Layout , animation , and fixed for large data set. Amir_RecyclerView released new version that we call it AX_RecyclerView. version 1.0.8 is last update for Amir_RecyclerView and we...
  13. M

    Wish RESideMenu lib

    HI Everyone im glad to join your big community its very nice to be here with the best developers im not sure i post in a right place so anyway I wish anyone help me with wrapping a lib from a github its a very nice lib and its good to be wrap in b4i link of GitHub project...
  14. MarkusR

    Android Question Mainstream 3d lib?

    hello, i will use 3d in b4a. i found open gl 2 lib but open gl es is total unhandy. i have some experience with open gl for pc and for mobil devices everything i know is missing there. i just need some 3d primitives, 3d text, 3d lines. .. currently i started a android library in android studio...