B4J Question What else is not allowed in a comments?


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Hi there

I've compiled a library in B4J and then in my comment just above the sub name I used '&'. Ive been wondering why my Intellisense was not working until i noticed 'invalid description' in the IDE.

Went back to my lib to see what was wrong, nothing, then I replaced & with the word and and my intellisense worked.

Question is, what else is not allowed in comments as I didnt know about this &


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You probably need & in place of & as the comment I believe is treated as html.
< needs &lt;
> needs &gt;
So things like <b>bold words</b> will show as bold typeface in the comment, <u> … </u> underline etc.
<code> … </code> is useful for example usage as it allows a copy of the code to be made and pasted into the editor.
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