Android Question Use Android Watch Faces in B4A phone app?

Albert Kallal

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Is there a library floating around that would let me use a watch face in a regular Android phone application?

I certainly seen a few questions around this forum in regards to building a watch app, but I am just looking to use a nice looking watch face in an Android phone app.
(ie: not a watch app - a phone app).

There are also some samples clocks for Android, and I suppose I could toss on top of that a nice watch face?

but the watch faces all look so drop dead gorgeous with nice moving hands etc.
So why try and make a nice watch or clock face when truckloads of them exist for Android?
the sample "clocks" for Android phones don't look all that great, but the watch ones? Oh wow!

I am fishing here, and I don't consider this a pressing problem.

Some googling did not yield anything, but of course any search with watch face, and android results in Android watch (wear) apps and tutorials.

I'm looking to do this on a regular phone app. I did see this:

WatchFace Library

I not read the above as of yet. But if poking around in above is worth it, then I willing to jump into the above if the result allows bootlegging watch faces from wear apps into regular apps.

Albert D. Kallal
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada