machine learning

  1. Jack Cole

    GPT-4 Writes B4X Code

    GPT-4 knows the B4X family of languages. After a bit of back and forth, I got it to write B4J code for calling the OpenAI API. Here is my prompt: I had to tell it to use the JobDone event and to write it for a B4XPage. Finally, it produced this: Sub Class_Globals Private Root As...
  2. H

    B4A Library [B4X] DataScience

    This is a library contains Linear Regression class that predicts Y value for any given data contains X, Y row data. easy of use: Dim lr As LinearRegression lr.Initialize(File.DirAssets,"dm.csv",",",2,5,False) xui.MsgboxAsync(lr.predict(100), lr.Score) X: is independent variable...
  3. moster67

    B4J Library TensorFlow - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper for B4J

    TensorFlow - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper for B4J After writing a TensorFlowLite library for Android, I was asked to do a similar one for B4J. My library wraps TensorFlow (v. r.1.10) and is based on some Java examples found in TensorFlow's Github pages. I also added some...
  4. moster67

    B4A Library TensorFlowLite - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper

    TensorFlowLite - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper for B4A New version: 0.20 (29/08/2018): I have updated the library and the sample-models because the first version was based on older code. I attach also the updated java-sources. I also created my own model to use with the wrapper...
  5. walterf25

    Automatic Content Recognition Library

    Hello everyone, i have the need to wrap a library for B4i, unfortunately my knowledge with Objective C is very limited to wrap something like this. The documentation to the sdk is here ---> Would anyone here be able to do this for me...