1. HassanProgrammer

    Choose a name for the messenger

    Hello I made a messenger with b4a. Now I do not know what name to choose for it. I like that its name is special and unique. Its .com domain should also be free. This app will be used worldwide. What name do you suggest?
  2. M

    iOS Question Firebase Messages does not trigger _RemoteNotification

    Hi everyone, today i opened a project that i had finished some month ago. In this project Firebase Messages was used. It Works now, the problem is that the sub "Application_RemoteNotification" does not trigger anymore when the app is open, but it show the banner in overlay, like if it is closed...
  3. J

    Android Question Is that possible to write a voice message android app via wifi direct in B4A?

    Hi I'm a newbie in programming and I wanted to know: 1- Is that possible to write a voice message android app via wifi direct in B4A? 2- How difficult it is to write such an app for a newbie like me? 3- How to do that?
  4. F

    German Error Message "Ein Fehler trat auf Der angegebene Schlüssel war nicht im Wörterbuch vorhanden"

    Good Morning, i have this error message for about 5 days when I open my program "Ein Fehler trat auf Der angegebene Schlüssel war nicht im Wörterbuch vorhanden". When I edit the b4a file with an editor you can see that the file is not empty. I can always save the file as normal. Does anyone...
  5. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Send message to some WhatsApp number

    Hello, i did it in Android, but i could not find how to do it in iOS. Here is the code in B4A: Dim Intent1 As Intent Intent1.Initialize(Intent1.ACTION_VIEW, $"${number}&text=${""}"$) Intent1.SetComponent("android/")...
  6. T

    B4A - Duvida - Demonstrar resultado do Mapa em Tela

    Bom dia. Pessoal, sou iniciante em B4A, comecei meu primeiro aplicativo ontem, mas, estou com duvida sobre como mostrar meu mapa em tela. Fiz um mapa para gerar números randômicos, mas, não consigo de forma alguma exibir o resultado em tela. Como posso fazer para exibir o resultado em uma...
  7. Z

    Android Question FirebaseNotifications - Push messages

    Trying to do everything like here but I get stuck when adding firebasenotification i libraries is missing. I think it has something to do with paths, sdk manager or...
  8. M

    Android Question Firebase notification arrives only with app running

    Hi everyone, i used this tutorials: In the second one @Erel shows that he kills all the app in...

    Android Question How to hide debugging popup message on device?

    Good evening, folks! I'm debuging an app but the "Program paused on line: xxx" message is covering an important information on the device's screen that I'd like to see. For now, following execution step-by-step on the IDE interface is enough for me. Is it possible to debug an app and disable...
  10. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Problem with duplicate fcm message!

    Hello everyone! Problem with duplicate fcm message! I'm having problems with firebase cloud message, when I send message, I get two on mobile, one I sent and another as if it was automatic ... My version of b4a is the latest (9.50), FirebaseNotifications version is (1.21) ... On the firebase...
  11. R

    Android Question Real-time log messages

    Trying to add real-time log messages to my app, so I can investigate problems if not a the PC. The running code should pause while the message is showing and this is not as easy as I thought it would be. Currently I am trying this: In a code module (called General) I have this: Public Sub...
  12. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 5: Creating ToolBars

    Hi This 5th installment of webix tuts deals with how one can create toolbars. These sit on the Rows collection of your page and can have a variety of elements like buttons, toggle buttons and icons. Like any WixElement, one can set the height of the toolbar and also set some default...
  13. P

    WP up&download : Mix voice with images and short movies

    Hi all, I am looking for a skilled B4A and/or B4I developer for a new mobile app for e-learning. Closed, thanks for all answers