Share My Creation Simple Chat (WhatsApp and Telegram family)

Hello Dear Programmers, I am back with an Instant Messaging application from the WhatsApp and Telegram family.

Simple chat Design.png

The functionalities are:

- Register or Login ;
- Reception and updating of messages on the home page;
- Sends text messages and multimedia files;
- Modification of personal information;
- Copy, share and delete messages;
- Search a contact;
- And more...

The message interval between sender and receiver is 3 sec max.

Simple Chat uses JRDC2 Server and MySQL database. Quick and easy to install.

The audio and video call are very complex and I think they will be integrated in the next version, I will give half price for those who already have this version.

I'm offering Simple Chat on sale for only $20, and $45 with B4A Social network up to May 1st.
Then the normal price would be Simple Chat $39 and $65 with B4A Social network.

To buy, send me an email to: [email protected]

Sorry for my English.


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