ms sql server

  1. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Shopping cart : B4j server

    Using a html file which included few lines and many hours of work and toil, a shopping cart web app was made with b4j. All of the transactions and page manipulations and interactive input was made within the code. Remote MS SQL database was used as the data source. This app could be the starting...
  2. joaquinortiz

    Android Question Tutorial of connecting Android to MS SQL Server using jRDC2

    @Vikjh In this post You said that you had entered this code as online method. But where do you inserted, on B4A code or RDC2 code?
  3. Bladimir Silva Toro

    Android Tutorial Tutorial of connecting Android to MS SQL Server using jRDC2

    Hi Here is a tutorial that shows the steps of how to make an Android connection to MS SQL Server using jRDC2. Download tutorial here: Attached the Mobile Project in B4A and the JRDC2 Project in B4J Any questions please ask in the forum Bladimir Silva Toro Teacher programming software
  4. fprobst

    B4J Question [SOLVED] MS SQL Stored procedure - return value

    Hello, I am using a MS SQL Server an useing the library "SQLCallPRoc Version 1-10" from keirS I have the following stored procedure: CREATE procedure [dbo].[sp_TMS_BuchenPersKommt]( @cPersNr char(10), @dDatum AMSDate, @dZeit AMSTime, @cGrund char(1) ) as begin set...

    Android Question Starting with MSSQL with jtds-1.3.1

    Hello, Im with B4X 9.30, working dev : Win10 I Want to connect with : External MSSQL DB Shared hosting : on Windows serv. 2012 Sorry im a newbie with MSSQL connecting script, but with that .jar : jtds-1.3.1.jar downloaded on : ttps:// I dont...
  6. F

    Android Question Passing parameters to ExecQueryAsync

    Hi, I am trying to execute a statement against MS SQL server. The statement is Dim sf As Object = RemoteSQL.ExecQueryAsync("RemoteSQL", "SELECT * from package where package_id=?", Array As Int (147)) But it does not return any rows (Crsr has no rows). If I use select * from package without...
  7. F

    Android Question How to read/write from MS SQL server database

    Hi, I created this thread 2 times before, and I do not know where to follow it up. Do I expect to receive email notifications, Is the thread considered as a conversation, where can I see my initiated threads... It is really confusing Simply, How to communicate with MS SQL server using B4A...