Android Tutorial Tutorial of connecting Android to MS SQL Server using jRDC2

Bladimir Silva Toro

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Here is a tutorial that shows the steps of how to make an Android connection to MS SQL Server using jRDC2.

Download tutorial here:
Attached the Mobile Project in B4A and the JRDC2 Project in B4J

Any questions please ask in the forum

Bladimir Silva Toro
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I use online method to get commands:
Public Sub GetSQLCommand(SqlKey As String)As String
    Dim GetSQL as String="SELECT [Sql] FROM JRDC_SQL WHERE [Sql] is not null AND [Key]=?"
    Dim res As String = pool.GetConnection.ExecQuerySingleResult2(GetSQL,Array As String(SqlKey)).ToLowerCase.trim
    Return res
End Sub
I think this is more convenient than the commands in a text file
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