1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation MiFare Classic Buspass

    There was a time when NXP's Mifare Classic NFC tags were the go-to card for, among others, bus, metro and train passes, hotel keys, club memberships, etc. They offered security of a sort which required keys to access the tag's memory. Due to discovered security flaws, however, its day has...
  2. drgottjr

    Share My Creation NDEF meets LoZitto

    So I see this TV commercial where somebody hands a business card to somebody else. But instead of touching a dirty, germ-filled business card, the person to whom the card was extended holds his smart phone next to the card, and - voilà! - something happens: the owner of the business card is...
  3. I

    Wish Tap on Phone

    Hi B4X Community. Any plans or wrappers that support Tap-on-Phone? Thanks, iCAB
  4. I

    Android Question NFC Application Example in b4A

    Good Day Can we have any sample application to read Credit / Debit Card public information like Card Number & Name using NFC Application. Thanks
  5. D

    iOS Question NFC tag read operation (optional)

    Hi, Guys Just a quick question. I have just developed an App which as part of its operation gives the user the option to read NFC tags. The App will still work if the phone don't support NFC tags (i.e. < Apple 7). I have only got as far as the test flight version and it downloads an runs on...
  6. D

    Android Question NFC tag how to read the UID

    Hi, Guys Just started a project to handle NFC tags - found Erel's tutorial on read/write NFC tags And it works great for the tags I am using, should be easy to adapt it to fit into my project. However, I need to also...
  7. I

    Android Question Covert Mobile To NFC TAG

    Hi Good Day Can anyone help me to Convert Android Mobile as NFC TAG without any application or With Application. If it is possible with application Can I have sample code. Thanks
  8. Pxs

    [PAID] Need nfcv (iso-15693) support for NFCEx class

    Hi I'm looking to add Tag reading/writing support for an application written in B4i Unfortunately, the NFCEx class only works with NDEF , while i'm using NFC-V (iso-15693) tags. As said in this thread by Erel, with some objectiveC knowledge, it should be possible to add support for...
  9. A

    Android Question Reading NfcV tag ISO15693

    Hello, i try to read memory of tag using TagTech.RunAsync("TT", "transceive", Array(Array As Byte(0x20, 0x20, 0x01)), 0) Wait For TT_RunAsync (Flag As Int, Success As Boolean, Result As Object) but the result is different each time the same tag is read...
  10. D

    Android Question Support ACR1252 smart card reader

    Hi, Guys Has anybody attempted to support the ACR1252 USB NFC reader. I have purchased an SDK containing a java examples which could help, I am not a java man so I can't comment on it quality of the Java code or structure. I have tried the examples for windows .net versions for #c and visual...
  11. J


    Hello Everyone! I need help to implement an NFC communication with NTAG5 (ISO15693) with custom command in B4I. I have succeed in B4A using TagTechnology in the NFC library. In a thread dating for 6 oct 2020, Support for latest NFC-v ISO15693 tags Erel said: See NFCEx code. With some Objective...

    Android Question Why B4A Application creates two shortcuts

    Hello, I made an NFC Mifare wrapper, but when I generate the application in b4a it creates two shortcuts this is the manifest file that I use 'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation. 'You do not need to modify it in most cases. 'See this link for for more information...
  13. M

    Android Question nfc hce library

    nfc hce library to emulate rfid tag like mifare
  14. pedram ghaneipour

    Android Question Error in Read Write Mifare Clasic Sector 2 and biger

    hello i can read block 0 and 1 and 2 and 3 of sector 0 from mifare clasic 1k s50 1- but when i want read sector 2 or more. it have Error 2- i cannot write on mifare my code is: Sub Activity_Resume 'ok Try nfc.EnableForegroundDispatch Dim si As Intent =...
  15. V

    Italian Lettore NFC esterno via USB in B4A

    Ciao a tutti, avrei necessità di una libreria per comunicare con un lettore NFC (ACR122U) da android su B4A. Ho cercato nel forum, ma non ci sono librerie disponibili e né suggerimenti. Potreste aiutarmi? Grazie in anticipo ^^
  16. Arnaud

    Android Question NFC-V

    Hello, I have tried Nfc library and a tag type 4 "Ndef" ISO/IEC 14443 , it works perfect. Now, I have an other tag, but it is the type 5 "NFC-V" , iso 15693. But the object are different than Ndef, and I don't find the solution to work fine. Is it possible to have an example for NFC-V (as...
  17. M

    iOS Question Read and write mifare tag

    Hi everyone, it’s possibile with b4i ti read mifare tag? I found out this on Apple: thanks if someone would answer.
  18. walterf25

    iOS Question NFC Tag Reading in Background

    Hi all, according to the NFC Core documentation for xcode 13, it is possible to enable NFC Tag reading in the Background. Would it be possible to implement this with B4i and native objective...
  19. walterf25

    iOS Question iOS Capabilities (Associated Domain, Near Field Communication Tag Reading)

    Hi, i'm working on an NFC library based on the latest released iOS 13, i've been having some issues with reading regular NFC tags, i have followed apple's documentations to the letter but haven't been able to get the library work. I added all the expected keys and values to the info.plist and...
  20. walterf25

    iOS Question NFC Tag Reader and Writer Library

    Hi All, i know there probably aren't too many B4i developers that know how to wrap iOS libraries, but I was wondering if those who can, if they would be able to help me out. I have been working on wrapping parts of the new NFC framework introduced in the newest iOS 13 version, I know Erel wrote...