[PAID] Need nfcv (iso-15693) support for NFCEx class


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I'm looking to add Tag reading/writing support for an application written in B4i
Unfortunately, the NFCEx class only works with NDEF , while i'm using NFC-V (iso-15693) tags.

As said in this thread by Erel, with some objectiveC knowledge, it should be possible to add support for NFCTagReaderSession in that class.

What i need:
-READ multiblock function ( <from offset>, <n°Block to read> )
-WRITE single block (<offset>,<4 bytes block>)
-Present Password (passwordBytes(), slot), as some of the tags are password-locked
-Some way to detect nearby tags presence (callback or active scan)
-A simple working example in b4i that showcases the class.

Let me know if anyone is interested in the job, and your compensation.
I can ship some nfcv tags to you for testing, if needed.

For any doubts or questions, feel free to post or pm
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