[PAID] Need nfcv (iso-15693) support for NFCEx class


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I'm looking to add Tag reading/writing support for an application written in B4i
Unfortunately, the NFCEx class only works with NDEF , while i'm using NFC-V (iso-15693) tags.

As said in this thread by Erel, with some objectiveC knowledge, it should be possible to add support for NFCTagReaderSession in that class.

What i need:
-READ multiblock function ( <from offset>, <n°Block to read> )
-WRITE single block (<offset>,<4 bytes block>)
-Present Password (passwordBytes(), slot), as some of the tags are password-locked
-Some way to detect nearby tags presence (callback or active scan)
-A simple working example in b4i that showcases the class.

Let me know if anyone is interested in the job, and your compensation.
I can ship some nfcv tags to you for testing, if needed.

For any doubts or questions, feel free to post or pm
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Still looking, i'm trying to solve it by myself but having someone competent in Objective C would save me alot of time.


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Hi @Pxs!
I am interested to discuss further on TAG read/write application
Kindly let me know, if you are still hiring for job

Looking forward to your response



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In order to avoid bots and contacs from external forums harvesting this one, if you're interested in the job please pm me with some details about how you would solve the problem, what you offer, and how many hours/pay you need etc..

Anything to make me think you're a living person who understands the task, is experienced in b4i and speaks english. I'm tired of wasting time