1. R

    Android Question B4XTable number of table rows after a search

    The B4XTable class (in the B4X lib file) has the variable mCurrentCount, indicating the total number of rows of the table. However it seems this is not available when you have run a filter (SQL with where clause). For this reason the last page button (>|) is always greyed out as the last page...
  2. A

    B4J Question How to add a hexadecimal value

    Hello, I'm working on a raspberry pie project where I need to use along with that, i have to create hexadecimal to decimal converter to process the numbers. i have a basic knowledge about and i found a thread how to integrate it with the app but i have no idea about numbers...
  3. R

    Android Question Wrong Long Data Type

    I have created a function to count my seconds since January 30, 1899. This function returns a result that is over 3,000,000,000. I thought of using a long, but when effect multiplication has a negative result. What kind of data should I use? I also tried with float and double without success...
  4. K

    Android Question Extract Number from alphanumeric string

    My string = "AND051" How extract number from this string? like new variable = 051 / 51
  5. carlos7000

    Android Question The smallest number

    ¿Which is the smallest number that can be used in a variable of type float, and Which is the smallest number that can be used in a variable of type double? Please do not give the answer with a number expressed in scientific notation
  6. Star-Dust

    B4J Library MoneyEditText (class)

    On the Italian forum, I was asked if it was possible to create an editTex similar to the one found on PayPal, or generally the method of entering digits in the cash register. As you know it starts with the value 0.00 and digtat digits are inserted from the right to the left. The last two digits...
  7. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet String Contains a Valid Number

    SubName: ValidNumber Description: A multi purpose number validator Private Sub ValidNumber(Str As String, Negative As Boolean, Decimal As Boolean) As Boolean If Str = "" Then Return False Dim RegexStr As StringBuilder RegexStr.Initialize If Negative Then RegexStr.Append("-?")...