1. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet [BANano] Execute events when the internet is offline and or online

    Hi there The browser has a very nice way to detect whether its offline (internet off) and online (internet on), without one having to define a timer. The window object has an online and an offline status event. This can be useful when you want, when the internet goes off, log off a user etc...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Tutorial [B4X] B4X Online Tools - JSON Parser/QR Generator/Regex Parser

    Full list of B4J Server Examples: If there are other online tools that simplify programming with B4X, then I expand the thread.
  3. alirezahassan

    Android Question Show the online version in the Library tab

    Hi all What should I do if I want to show my online version of my libraries like these? Is it possible?
  4. sfsameer

    Source Code : Create a mobile shop within the app :)

    Hello every one :) I have previously published that we are working on something really big and it's coming very soon before the end of this week Post link : The app enables the user to create his own mobile web app within the...
  5. O

    Web/Database recommendations for prototype

    Greetings all To show proof of concept I need to make a simple web page, that connect to a database, which then the clients (B4A and B4I) connects to, in order to exchange data and receive tasks ect. I’m not much of a DB man (but I can if needed be hack my way through it), and certainty not a...
  6. A

    Other What is the best storage platform?

    Hi there, I'm working on an Android app, and i want to download a JSON data online and parse it into a CustomListView. I did all the work, but i just want to know what is the best plan to store my JSON file online and get the data from it.. I think Firebase Storage is a good choice, but the...
  7. saeed10051

    Android Question B4A B4J communications

    I have used Network library to send data from my B4A app on my mobile to my desktop running a B4J app. A custom data type can be send this way using wifi connection. I need to know which library / method i can use to communicate between my B4A app and B4J app over the internet. I am considering...
  8. LucaMs

    MySql online utility

    I did not know it; It seems very useful.!9/7137c/1
  9. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] Online Status

    hello, is there an easy way to get system info if the device have wlan or is online?