1. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Realtime Presence Share state between users with Realtime Presence. Setup Sync and track...
  2. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Gradle Dependencies Online

    I'm trying to integrate with the sumup solo machine. in the documentation ( talks about dependencies: 1. Dependency Add the repository to your gradle dependencies: allprojects { repositories { maven { url...
  3. M

    What is the best way to send Exception? Firebase?

    Hi everyone, I've a question. Given an App that handles a Try Catch, what is the best method to send the Exception in order to see the details? Crashlytics is only good when the app actually crashes, but if the error is managed and I only want to see what the error was? How can I do...
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet [BANano] Execute events when the internet is offline and or online

    Hi there The browser has a very nice way to detect whether its offline (internet off) and online (internet on), without one having to define a timer. The window object has an online and an offline status event. This can be useful when you want, when the internet goes off, log off a user etc...
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Tutorial [B4X] B4X Online Tools - JSON Parser/QR Generator/Regex Parser

    Full list of B4J Server Examples: If there are other online tools that simplify programming with B4X, then I expand the thread.
  6. alirezahassan

    Android Question Show the online version in the Library tab

    Hi all What should I do if I want to show my online version of my libraries like these? Is it possible?
  7. sfsameer

    Source Code : Create a mobile shop within the app :)

    Hello every one :) I have previously published that we are working on something really big and it's coming very soon before the end of this week Post link : The app enables the user to create his own mobile web app within the...
  8. O

    Web/Database recommendations for prototype

    Greetings all To show proof of concept I need to make a simple web page, that connect to a database, which then the clients (B4A and B4I) connects to, in order to exchange data and receive tasks ect. I’m not much of a DB man (but I can if needed be hack my way through it), and certainty not a...
  9. A

    Other What is the best storage platform?

    Hi there, I'm working on an Android app, and i want to download a JSON data online and parse it into a CustomListView. I did all the work, but i just want to know what is the best plan to store my JSON file online and get the data from it.. I think Firebase Storage is a good choice, but the...
  10. saeed10051

    Android Question B4A B4J communications

    I have used Network library to send data from my B4A app on my mobile to my desktop running a B4J app. A custom data type can be send this way using wifi connection. I need to know which library / method i can use to communicate between my B4A app and B4J app over the internet. I am considering...
  11. LucaMs

    MySql online utility

    I did not know it; It seems very useful.!9/7137c/1
  12. MarkusR

    Android Question [solved] Online Status

    hello, is there an easy way to get system info if the device have wlan or is online?