1. walterf25

    iOS Question BBLabel Click Event

    Hi All, I decided to give BBLabel a try because i needed to be able to set the padding property, the BBLabel view works very nice for this need, however i realized that it doesn't handle the Click Event, is there a way to add that to this view, i really would like to stick to using this view...
  2. M

    Android Question stringfunctions2 pad

    it appears that the pad function is incorrect. the "for" line adds one too many characters. it should be (length - text.length - 1). or am i missing something? Sub Pad (Text As String, PadWith As String, Length As Int, Post As Boolean) As String 'Classic Private Str As String = ""...
  3. R

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] B4XTable - ¿Padding en Celdas?

    Muy buenas, este es mi primer POST, Creo que se entiende, Cuando alineo los Datos a la Izquierda (LEFT): Dim column0 As B4XTableColumn = tableName.GetColumn("NOMBRE") Dim pn0 As B4XView = column0.CellsLayouts.Get(0) pn0.GetView(0).SetTextAlignment("CENTER", "LEFT".ToUpperCase) Este caso el...
  4. mcqueccu

    Android Question BCTextEngine - how to use default system font and set padding

    1. The BBCodeview seems to be using lighter font than the system font when i run the example, and also used in my application. How do i set a custom font or stick to default system font? 2. Bug in padding - When i set padding left and right to the BBCodeView in designer, it crops off parts of...