1. Solutions Development

    B4J Library [B4XPages] PagesTransition

    PagesTransiiton Author: Solutions Development Version: 1.07 TransitionPage Constant AnimationBatMan AnimationColumn AnimationCircleExplode AnimationCircleImplode AnimationRotaded AnimationSpotted AnimationStrip AnimationZoom SlideFromLeft SlideFromTop SlideFromRight SlideFromBottom...
  2. MarcRB

    Android Question Changing orientation causes B4Xpages go back to first page.

    I think it is normal behaviour, that at the moment the user rotates the phone, the first B4Xpage in pagestack will be shown. But is it possible to change that behaviour? At the first page there was a login and at second page a dashboard. The third page contains some fields and a editable...
  3. M

    iOS Code Snippet Keep Track of Pages (getCurrentPage) [e.g. Access Network Dialog workaround]

    Hi everyone, i want to share a stupid piece of code that could be useful (to me it did). I had the need to know what was the page displayed when Application_Active sub is fired -> this is the post What I did Create a code module where i save all the useful functions and created a single...
  4. Lucas Siqueira


    Hi, my name is Lucas Siqueira 🇧🇷 ! I am very happy 😁 to share with you the designer at B4XPAGES. I hope you like the layout and my contributions! 🤓💻 I'm in love 🥰😍 with B4X! Made with ❤ in B4X
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages - how to handle PermissionResult

    I see that the B4XPages has a "PermissionResult" event, how i use it right?
  6. M

    iOS Question iTableView permanent selection

    Hi i'm learning how to use the tableview in the best way. I'm trying to do a settings page like the ios one, with elements that opens other pages. Sub Process_Globals Public App As Application Public NavControl As NavigationController Private Page1 As Page Private Panel1 As...
  7. M

    iOS Question TabBar Controller and Multiple Pages (in different modules)

    Hi everyone, i took a look at this post: Where is shown how to switch between pages using the tabcontroller (like whatsapp looks). But i have a question: if i want to use that controlller, Do I have to write...