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  1. T

    Android Question Android Payfast intergration

    Hi everyone, would like to integrate payfast payment gateway into an android app, I tried reading the documentation but they talk about having a return web page to post the status of the transaction and I have no idea how I can do that in android Thanks in advance
  2. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question [B4J only] MercadoPago Library released

    This is a wrap for this Github project which is itself a wrap for MercadoPago4Java. this library just works on B4J , and it's not completely complete, I'm developing it little by little, whoever wants to help, feel free Author: Waldemar Lima Version: 0.02 You can create a PREFERENCE type...
  3. M

    B4A Library Paytm payment gateway Integration library

    Here is demo creation of paytm library which is very easy to integrate and will help you to get money by all the payment methods by debit card ,credit card ,net banking. We can provide you help with integrating it and provide full support of taking it to the prod environment. here is the demo...