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Hello Everyone :)
*Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for us :)

This project took us 9 months to be fully developed, tested, and sold to 5 major companies (raising 4.5+ million dollars capital combined)

The Project is : E-Cards System

The system can used as :

1- Selling E-Cards
2- Payment gateway
3- Lottery Cards
4- E-Commerce with multi level customer base
5- Shopify Alternative
6- etc...

This system works as follows :
Overview :
The system creates salesmen, each salesman creates an agent and each agent creates a branch.
The Branch is able to sell Online Cards to customers, every sale the Branch makes a commission will be registered in his wallet then the main agent also receives a commission and the salesman also receives a commission.
The commission amount is set by the System Owner (You)

Below is the how :

The Warehouse Management:
1- Main Categories
2- Sub Categories
3- Sub Sub Categories
4- The System Owner controls the Prices groups*
*Each group has it's own products prices which you can connect the agents and the salesmen to any group and set the selling prices
5- Promotions
6- And many other features...

The Balance Management :
Each Agent/Branch/Salesman has it's own balance, the balance is set by the 3 factors :
1- The system owner set the balance to the agent/salesmen/branch after they deposit
2- Loyalty points conversion (Loyalty points to USD) *Conversion rate is also set by the system owner
3- Sales Commissions

Agents & Branches :
Each agent is able to :
1- Create a new branch
2- Manage branches
3- View/Request/Balance transfer to any branch under him
4- View/Print the sales of that branch
5- And many other features...

Salesmen :
The salesmen are able to create agents, manage their balances, request the system owner for more balance, sell products (Virtual products), Print invoices , convert commissions, etc...

System features :
1- Amazing UI
2- All in one App : the android app is used by 1- Agents 2- Salesmen 3- Branches
3- Automated Payouts
4- Loyalty Points
5- Virtual Warehouse
6- Bluetooth printing on any Bluetooth printer
7- Direct Charge : The client is able to request products even if they don't exists by request a direct charge from the client to the system admin
8- Covers a very wide business sectors.
9- Multi level customer base
10- etc...

The system is built using :
1- B4A (Salesmen + Agents + Branches)
2- System admin in ASP.NET VB
3- Web service
4- Microsoft SQL Database

The B4A app Contains : 81 Activities and classes
The System Admin Contains : 150+ Screens
The MSSQL Contains : 47 Tables

Project Price : 100$ (Very very limited time offer)
To purchase the project go to the below link :

System screen shots :






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Apparently (clearly I cannot judge a product by its appearance) this is a limitation: that it is not B4XPages and therefore you will not also provide the iOS version; or yes?
Rather than 81 Activities and classes, B4XPages are much better.
It's built in B4A + + MSSQL
And Yes B4XPages is a great solution which we will starting using it in our upcoming projects.


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Payment received, thank you very much for your purchase, we will send you the source code via email at 11:00 pm (GMT 2+) today

Thank you,

We have sent you the source codes via email, thank you very much for your purchase :)

Thank you,


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