1. red30

    Android Question Permissions to work with Bluetooth and BLE depending on the target Sdk version

    Right now you can't upload an app with targetSdkversion<31 on Google play, so I had to install target Sdk=31 version to keep my apps updated. As I understand it, now it is desirable to immediately set targetSdkversion=33, since in the future there will still be a mandatory transition to...
  2. red30

    Android Question Re-request permission

    I am requesting several permissions to use bluetooth. Permissions = Array("android.permission.BLUETOOTH_SCAN", "android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT", rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) For Each per As String In Permissions rp.CheckAndRequest(per) Wait For...
  3. Xandoca

    Android Question [SOLVED] USB Permission Popup... Every time?

    Hi, Scenario: Android 7, felUsbserial and Usbmanager libraries. Android keeps asking permission to access the usb device when: (I've select the option "use by default for this USB device") Android restart Unplug and Plug the USB Turn off and turn on the USB Device Is there a way to...
  4. SinaDeveloper

    Android Question Check if a app is running

    Hello In my app I need to check if another app is open or not I can get the list of running apps on lower versions of Android: Dim AM As ActivityManager Dim Info() As RunningTaskInfo = AM.GetRunningTasks For i = 0 To Info.Length - 1 Log(Info(i).GetPackageName) Next But...
  5. F

    Android Question [SOLVED] Runtime BLUETOOTH_SCAN permission not working - android 12 device, targetsdk 31, android33 sdk

    Hello, I followed the instructions here to try to make the bluetooth scan work on Android 12 device with app targeted for API level 31. However, even though the permission is added in the manifest and...
  6. abbas abedi

    Android Question How anydesk ScreenRecording Works ?

    hi when i want use screen record , I should use cast when i use cast , i must accept cast permission every start to screen record But on anydesk app is different mechanism about permission anydesk has just Security Warning just one time how can i use anydesk mechanism for screenrecord or...
  7. N

    Android Question Grant any permission without asking the user?

    Hello, My application asks the user for permission (pop up). Is there a way that I can grant/force permission without asking the user for confirmation? Thank you, Nataly
  8. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question How to detect camera permission authorization state?

    Hi all, I'm using the camera library to let the user take a photo from its iPhone, as you know when the user grants the permission first time everything works fine, but if he denies it, it never request permission never again, and when the 'cam.takepicture' event is fired it just show black...
  9. M

    iOS Question Equivalent of CheckAndRequest

    Hi everyone, I built an app that requires the iSpeechRecognition, the phone ask for permission of the Microphone usage, and speech recognition the first time I need to use it. There is a why to prompt the dialog BEFORE I actually need it? (or wait for the user answer?) and more important... if...
  10. M

    Android Question Error in this line: Starter.rp.CheckAndRequest(Starter.rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION)

    Hello, please apologize my english, i am doing an B4A app and i need to track use gps coordinates. I did it in the past without problem, but now i am getting an error exactly in this line: Starter.rp.CheckAndRequest(Starter.rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) I added the standard starter...
  11. Sandman

    Android Question How to request background locations with API 29 and above?

    Yesterday I did a lot of tests to figure out how things worked regarding permissions and background location (full report here). It's clear that background permission is more difficult to get approved since API 29. How do we request permission for background locations in API 29 and above? I...
  12. A

    iOS Question Wait for Network permission

    Hi all. In my app on the first start right after installation I need to pull Privacy statement from the Internet. But first user must accept permission to connect to the network. This permission pop-up and the user must allow it. But at the same time my app work flow continues and sub GetPrivacy...
  13. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Starter.rp.CheckAndRequest is not calling the Request Permission dialog screen

    Greetings, I'm using the following code to get the READ_PHONE_STATE permission from the user, but the Request Permission screen is never called. Do I need to add anything to the manifest editor? If Starter.rp.Check(Starter.rp.PERMISSION_READ_PHONE_STATE) = False Then Sleep(100)...
  14. Arnaud

    Android Question Runtime Permissions Android 10 / File.DirRootExternal

    Hello, With Android 10, it is not possible to read the folder "File.DirRootExternal " because not permission. ( - 29 - No permission to access File.DirRootExternal, even with the STORAGE permission). Is there an other way to access folder "Download " or "Bluetooth" in Android storage...
  15. U

    Android Question Generating R file Error

    Hi! I installed B4A on my laptop today and I'm trying to Release a previous project of mine. I've downloaded JDK and SDK and installed them from here. now when I'm trying to compile my app this error is showing: Generating R file. Error AndroidManifest.xml: error: Unable to open file for...
  16. Sandman

    Article about Android trackers and permissions

    Might be interesting for those of us that make Android apps and obsess about our required permissions. Android trackers and permissions: Did I say you could do that?
  17. A

    Android Question New Developer Policy

    Google Play Market has updated Developer Policy today 04/16/2020 New Developer Policy Does it mean that we can't publish anymore any app with ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission?
  18. Shivito1

    Android Question Android will not let me upload my app

    requires new api however if i use new api my permissions are all messed up. is there away to ask for overlay permission via if java??? I don't want to update my version of b4a just to change a permission... Please help thanks. ** Service (notify_builder) Start ** PanelMain PanelMain PanelMain...
  19. GabrielQ

    Spanish Camara no se habilita luego de los permisos

    Buen dia ! tengo el siguiente codigo y no logro que, luego de instalada por primera vez la aplicacion e ingresar que le otorgo el permiso de usar la camara, quede esta habilitada, solo veo el panel. Si salgo y vuelvo a entrar, ahi la camara trabaja perfectamente. Estuve leyendo el orden de...
  20. figorra

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] Error o en ficheros temporales o en daemon......

    Según esta pantalla, en un proyecto completamente vacío, sale este error. El tema de permisos no puedo cambiarlos, pero sí cambiar de sitio los archivos temp de B4X, pero no se donde..... Y lo del daemon, no se sí tiene que ver con el anterior o es otro problema diferente.