Article about Android trackers and permissions


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Might be interesting for those of us that make Android apps and obsess about our required permissions.

Android trackers and permissions: Did I say you could do that?



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That's really interesting @Sandman thanks for that read.

I have wondered often about why a camera app that has no sharing capabilities needs to read my contacts.

Hadn't thought about the tracking side.

Unfortunately, though, if you deny permissions then the app usually doesn't load. Everything appears to need some kind of public-side permission so we all would seem to be stuck with an edgy situation like it or not.

In this country people are legally supposed to ask permission to access your personal data and record it, and delete it when there is no longer relevance to them keeping it. The permissions in a phone violate this and on top access everyone else in the phone book as well. As the article points out that's NOT in line.

There is what's app which exposes your phone number when someone, illegally in this country, adds you to a chat group without your knowledge. And that's a consequence of these permissions settings.

These are very vicarious ways used by the developers to claim they have solicited your permission to do whatever they like.

That whole claim that we all want to be "connected" is just weird.

I wonder what the resolution to safe phone app permissions would be?