1. jroriz

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Screen pixel color

    Hi. Could someone help how to know the color of a particular pixel on the screen, without having to save part of the screen in a file? It looks like AWTRobot's CreateScreenCaptureAsByteArray is a good way, but I do not know how to implement it.
  2. jroriz

    B4J Question [Solved] Wand tool

    to Is it possible to create something like a wand tool? I need to change all the yellow pixels, and then pixels "close to yellow", to black. Then all the rest to white. I was trying using BitmapCreator, and comparing pixel by pixel. But i could not figure out how to detect a range of pixels...
  3. jroriz

    B4J Question Replace pixels

    Hi. In a png file, I need to replace all pixels that are not white to yellow, then all pixels that are white to black, producing a black and yellow image. I am having difficulty using BitmapCreator. The example covers many aspects. Can anyone help?
  4. Sandman

    Pixel art - potential inspiration for aspiring game developers

    I'm not a game developer by a long stretch, but I do have a very soft spot for pixel graphics. (Might have something to do with countless hours spent playing games and coding 6502 on Commodore 64. :D) So, anyway, yesterday while investigating some important business strategies (read: lazy...
  5. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] [BitmapCreator] Change Color of Bitmap

    Hello, the Output is not optimal. Have a look down, to Erels code snip for better results. With this snip, you can easy change a Bitmap/Icon Color. This only makes sense if the picture is monochrome with a transparent background like Icons. Usage: ImageView1.Bitmap =...
  6. Sandman

    Games Pixelator - turn any image into fancy pixel-art

    Hi all, I know some people in the forum have mentioned that it's very difficult to produce art for games. I just found this app (not made with B4X), and thought that it might help somebody. Pixelator http://pixelatorapp.com/ Examples: