Pixel art - potential inspiration for aspiring game developers


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I'm not a game developer by a long stretch, but I do have a very soft spot for pixel graphics. (Might have something to do with countless hours spent playing games and coding 6502 on Commodore 64. :D)

So, anyway, yesterday while investigating some important business strategies (read: lazy surfing the web), I found a page that I wanted to share with the forum. Might be inspirational for somebody.

(I got the urge to add some animated pixel graphics to my business app - decided against it, can already hear the support calls "um, the app looks weird on my phone", "yessir, that's GLORIOUS PIXEL GRAPHICS FOR THE WIN!" <silence> "Please cancel my account.")

Here's two example "mini lessons". There are almost 60 of them on the page, make sure to go there and see them all.