1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoReact] Render your Website/WebApp using Facebook ReactJS

    Hi there DEPRECATED: THIS WAS JUST A PROOF OF CONCEPT (now overtaken by BANanoWebix & BANanoVueMaterial) Before you embark on this journey, you might first want to look at BANano4DummiesByExample first! You are going to need some resources from GitHub, here is the link, BANanoReActApp...
  2. W

    Tool B4Xxref: cross-reference your projects with libraries and modules

    Before making a change to a shared module that I often use, I wanted to assess the projects it would impact. Windows Search is one option of course, but not one I find very practical in this case - time for B4Xxfref. Select the folder you want analysed (subfolders are inspected as well); the...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Question Class: Reading MS Project Files with MPXJ

    Hi there The purpose of this class is to read a MS Project file using MPXJ from and return the contents, this should include 1. Resources 2. Tasks 3. Predecessors 4. Assignments 5. Project Properties MashMSProject ParseProjectProperties (m As Map) As MSProjectProperties...