Tool B4Xxref: cross-reference your projects with libraries and modules

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    Before making a change to a shared module that I often use, I wanted to assess the projects it would impact. Windows Search is one option of course, but not one I find very practical in this case - time for B4Xxfref.

    Select the folder you want analysed (subfolders are inspected as well); the program will look for .b4a, .b4i, and .b4j files and generate a csv file with the following content:
    - Project folder: the project file's folder's full path
    - Project file: the project's filename, e.g. 'myproject.b4a'
    - B4X type: b4a/b4i/b4j
    - Object type: library/module
    - Object name: the name of the library or module
    - Module referenced as: local (i.e. it sits in the project folder)/absolute/relative
    - Module full path: the full path of the module's .bas file

    And then you can play with the data in Excel or whichever tool you prefer. Project and source code attached.


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