1. K

    Android Question Sqlite android.database.CursorWindowAllocationException

    I'm getting this error again. Error occurred on line: 479 (MysqlEntrySync) android.database.CursorWindowAllocationException: Cursor window allocation of 2097152 bytes failed. # Open Cursors=920 (# cursors opened by this proc=920) at android.database.CursorWindow.<init>(CursorWindow.java:136)...
  2. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how combine two sql query

    hi i want to combine two sql query Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE userid = ? ", Array As Int(uid)) Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM tbl OFFSET LIMIT ?,?",Array As String(0,10)) how do i this ??
  3. K

    Android Question TransactionTooLargeException

    https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/error-with-customlistview.97829/ As per discussion in this forum I got that TransactionTooLargeException error is in sql query I change query and add limit in that, its working fine now. But I have to add all records in clv, What should I do?
  4. K

    Android Question CustomListView running too slow

    I have same problem again. my customlistview taking more than 4 min for nearly 1200 records of sqlite 7.12.00 7.16.00 my code is : cursor = Starter.year.ExecQuery("select * from GL where FBOOK='G001' order by FDESC") Dim...
  5. K

    Android Question sqlite query with function

    I have a query "select *,closing as closing(parameter1,parameter2) from temp" how to pass this query i have to used function how to do that?