Android Question TransactionTooLargeException

Peter Simpson

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I take it that you have read this great post right HERE by Erel.

But before you do anything, you have to look at the data that you are trying to put into the xCLV. In theory you really don't need to be loading lists full of so much data that you have any issues. If you have definitely fixed the SQL query then you should just go ahead and make yourself a CLV with LL and see what happens next.

My guess is that as long as you have a good SQL query then you will have no issues whatsoever.
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Kiran Raotole

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My problem is solve.
I change my SQL into multiple SQL.
I limit my sql upto 100 and on listview scroll I add next 100 record.
But, it seems app is hang when list get scroll.

What should I do to overcome this?
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