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  1. A

    B4J Question Problem using "ckvs.put" using B4J on raspberry pi (SOLVED)

    Hello, im having the next problem when running an UI .jar on a raspberry pi 3. The problem appears at the end of the sub that im attaching next, when I ask for "ckvs.put". I dont know if its a problem of the ckvs or the IDE, but i tried everything! 😫 This is the problem on the command window...
  2. D

    Android Question No response from remote host

    Hello! I'm making an app that revolves around Android phone and Raspberry Pi 3 communication via WiFi (by UDP packets exchange). I'm running a python script on Raspberry Pi which sends some data to the Android phone, but only when it receives a request from the phone. My question is: Is there...
  3. Cableguy

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Why tempjars has "root" as owner and not "pi"?

    I am finally starting to run some test some "under-dev" ABMaterial samples and each time I re-upload the files to the Raspberry pi, using SFTP, I see that "tempjars" owned by "root" and not by "pi"... so I get a "permission denied" alert! So when copying, at each "permission denied" alert, I...
  4. T

    Android Question Turning on Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3 running Android Things

    Hi All, I have installed Android Things in a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I am trying to use the BLE2 v1.37 library of B4A v8.80 on this device. I am getting the message "Not powered on." when I run the code below. If Manager.State <> Manager.STATE_POWERED_ON Then Log("Not powered on.") Else If...
  5. C

    B4J Question Cannot open display

    "Checked Item" Return value raspberryPI install https://wimdeblauwe.wordpress.com/2017/08/26/using-javafx-on-raspberry-pi-3-with-gluon/ why ??? Cannot open display Cannot create resource Use the XRDP remote link.No screen
  6. ShaneG30

    B4J Question Raspberry Pi: Which Project Type?

    Which project type is the recommend project type for Raspberry Pi apps? Is it "UI" or Non-UI? I would think it's the Non-UI type since GUI's aren't supported by Raspberry Pi anymore.
  7. M

    B4J Question Using Raspberry Pi I2C with ADS1115 (Adafruit)

    Hello, I'm trying to communicate a raspberry pi 3 model B with ADS1115 through i2c communication, but it is not working. When I run an adafruit example in python, its works perfectly. Using and arduino Mega i can read what python example sends to ADS1115 and I tried to send the same commands...
  8. C

    B4J Code Snippet MCP9808 reading temperature

    Hello everyone, Here an example for using the MCP9808 sensor on a raspberry pi. This is only a code snippet, as it only read's the temperature. Not all the registers are implemented. Negative values aren't yet tested. This is a console application. Kind regards, Tim. *IMPORTANT UPDATE* The...