realtime tracking

  1. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4J Tutorial [B4X] FirebaseFirestore - Customer Support Chat Demo

    Here is a customer support chat demo of FirebaseFirestore for B4J It listens to Chats Chat Products Sales Customers You can further add notifications
  2. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4A Library FirebaseAdmin Library

    I learnt Java in the past few months to build this library to get real-time updates from Firestore. The Library has 5 classes: Firebase Firestore ListenerRegistration Query Filter Except RealtimeDatabase (Coming soon) firebase-adminsdk.json(Service account file) from your Firebase console in...
  3. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4X] ShareYourSpot (GPS, FLP, MQTT) 0$

    Hi there, another simple app for learning purposes created... ShareYourSpot it is working at B4J and B4A... At B4J i haven't any USB GPS to get location (not including code how will do that, maybe using jserial and reading nmea strings) - so location giving with mouse click at GoogleMaps... but...
  4. Magma

    Vehicle GPS Realtime Tracking/Monitoring - Big Project's source for sell

    Well... Hi to all... First of all - my english not so good.... Sometimes you want to share something for free - but sometimes feeling that job you ve made must be payed... I am not so good on marketing - but 6 months of work (real: may be 2 years at total)... not little... I am selling the...