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Well... Hi to all...

First of all - my english not so good....

Sometimes you want to share something for free - but sometimes feeling that job you ve made must be payed...

I am not so good on marketing - but 6 months of work (real: may be 2 years at total)... not little...

I am selling the source... yes - not know the exactly price... please help me or make me offers...

So i want to sell something doing that job i will describe here:

Vehicle Tracking/Monitoring - for TAXI and others... (android - b4a / pc desktop b4j - except 1 app in VB6)
Call Center/Dispatch System management – Application drivers – Application passengers

1. Monitoring Vehicles in Realtime (~5 secs) having their position on a map + know if their parking in specific zones and zones into sectors... (specific dates, hours) - (PC Desktop - actually the server)
2. Android Client for Vehicles - Sending the Lat.X Lat.Y + Having history of latest customers, Chat with Telephone Center-Agent (voice+text), Map of Vehicles, Information etc (Android Client)
3. PlayBack anytime the recorderd-monitoring of vehicles at a timeline (with option selecting vehicles, time, date) (at a PC Desktop)
4. Design of Zones, Sectors on Google Maps (PC Desktop)
5. Telephone Center to read the TAPI calls made and sending the job at Vehicle-Driver, automatically or specific or delete the job.... multiple users... (PC Desktop)
6. TAPI Bridge for LAN TAPI (PC Desktop and tried only with AUSWERALD centers) - this is the only VB6 code (because in b4j -no tapi code)
7. Web File Server (webserver) - for sharing files at android clients+desktop (PC Desktop)
8. Manager for Adding-Editing-Delete vehicles/drivers + other works (PC Desktop)
+Bonus a little firewall-app at PC Desktop
+Bonus some code for a TAXI app for calling taxi at android devices

What do you need to work this project:
1) PC for Server (Windows 10 Pro at least, MARIADB SQL server, jdk-jre 1.8, a PC with I5 7th generation - 16GB RAM, ssd hdd 240GB - just 1~10gigs)
2) Clients devices Android v4 or v5 or bigger !! (GPS, 3g, 4g)
3) Telephone Center device... lan tapi compatible (preferably auswerald)
4) PC for Using Telephone Center app (can be the same with server - but for more speed) / use by agent.

Project Tested with ~100+ vehicles and works perfect... for 2 years!!!

* * * Source Code sell as is.. with not adding more features and edit something... * * *

App is not at google play - was only used for custom works !

* I believe that is a total solution for big taxi companies needing their APP at their size!
* I like/I am proud for the Desktop-Server side for MVT-Live app (the fast respone of moving icons on maps without redrawing)
* Proud for playback timeline too :)
* Works perfect with big DATABASES !! for years now!!!!!!!

CONS - What i don't like at my code:
* I was using the sql connections for android client direct to mariadb sql server :-( - this for me must change from the buyer !!! simple - need create web services to upload lat.x - lat.y and not direct to sql
* Because of different devices using my app - needed to have many preferences/settings - that makes heavier the code - anyone can remove anything want....
* At Android Client app - need to use Google MAPS and not OSM - for me is the wrong choice the OSMdroid... as i see it now...
* At a future version will be good to have a VOIP SIP into the same app (many taxi drivers needing that)
* No iOS App :-(
* IT'S ALL GREEK - i can translate some for you :)

What i Give with my Code:
* Help understand many pieces of code
* Installation of Example - Remote Installation actually...
* Email Support...
* May be translate some GREEK :)

Rules after buying:
Change the Names of ALL Apps...
Not asking me change source code or something of it.
A better IDEA somewhere in code must be shared with me :)
Not share the source code with others except me...
Change Pictures/Icons inside if there are any....
Change API keys of Google...
Be nice.... with my code.... if not like it - i can't refund you !

History of Project
2001.Actually all started at Vb6 at 2001 (The call Center)
2009.Moved at Android
2013.The 90% of source code written at B4A
2017.The 99.9% of source code written at B4A / B4J
2019.Many Changes..
2020.Selling the Code !!!

But - Why (?) am i saying that code took 6 months to created... (2 Years with fixes) - because in 2017 the project rewritten from the start.... the idea came from 2001

So anyone who need these source codes ?
PM me (or share your email) for serious proposals prices... Don't forget this is source code.... not just apps !

Source code can be sold exclusively (a good proposal help that) to one or to many....

(Not selling as it - because of many changes must made... i can sell only parts - thank u)
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Some screenshots may be help:

Here the MVT-Live - This is what the control center of a business see:

Here... is the MVT-Play (Playback on Timeline)...

A little design of Parking Zones... and Sectors


Here the Manager for Adding Vehicles/Drivers, view the customer calls (time,date,duration,driver got the job, sector-zone), customers... etc


Here the Telephone Center (view the tapi calls and manage them / the agent send job to drivers-vehicles for specific zone-sector)...
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@yiankos1 Thanks φίλος !

I am not marketing - if someone want - can do it... already i have many many many jobs that keep me busy!

a. And believe me I am 42 years old and I am programming from 7 yr... when i try to do many things together loosing control - Men are not multi-tasking... only women can more than 1 thing ! :)
b. I have bad experience from partnerships with marketing-advertisers - so the best for me is selling the code and the best of all for my "child/kid-source-code" is some day shared and be better from all ideas - but for now i have only pain (brain-pain)...


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Some asking about the procedure (at using side) - when a call arrives to telephone center what happens then...

1. Well, the agent write the address if not a customer exists (if exist has already written addresses to select-you can add more) from the left side. (At Telephone Center App)
Also writes the Taxi No (or the text of vehicle already exists in database). and Save the JOB (was unsaved)
2. Then the JOB going to SAVED-JOBS and at Taxi-App-Android / if Taxi has no JOB - if has a job - stay unsaved go to step 1(if saved go to step 3)
3. The Telephone Center sends the JOB to Taxi No. (has Android APP) with a message (with client Address) that have a time limit (seconds can be customized) to answer if driver wants the JOB (at Android App)
4. If the driver wants the JOB then Android APP writes at the database took the JOB and the data/time of it (if not then goes at step 1)
5. When the driver goes to customer and get the customer then writes to database that took customer and the time/date taken
6. When arrive at the target customer wanted -> then driver pressing a button that says customer arrived and the driver will be free to take other JOB (if there is)

Driver always can cancel the JOB.

Also in Telephone Center there is option to automatic send JOBS to TaxiNo with the sort at the Zone they are.. So from the agent the only thing is to select address of customer/client and save the JOB (the TaxiNo. and the Zone/Sector will be automatic selected)
+The Sector automatic selected by the Address of Customer !!!!
When the Agent write the address there is a button to fix address like google maps knows - if agent is ok from the proposal and continue - the Software will search in which sector (That is from the Park-Zone/Sector Design) is the customer address -> to propose the right Sector automatic !!!

Zones will be cycled...

How the taxi-vehicles sorted at a Park-Zone ?
Well when a taxi come first into zone goes first... then after time goes second... sometimes this need to change - there is option to edit the Park-Zone live !
The Address Fix of Google-Maps Knows must payed at Google (Telephone Center-APP) ?
Yes, after some thousands calls.... Well for 2 years now for 800-1000 JOBS / day (telephone calls converted to job/day) never payed the Google :)

Actually all these are (this reply) the strong piece of code and the custom ask from buyer !
Not all Taxis working in this way but it is really very good way to Split Zones... Sectors

There are more things to discover when you take the code !!! :)
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