1. D

    Android Question Exoplayer Controls Color

    Does anyone know how to change the color of Exoplayer controls like play, pause, previous, next, duration, etc.? Now, with the latest version, the controls stay in white color with blanck background, despite what I add into the manifest. I know how to change the background color with Dim r...
  2. TelKel81

    Android Question SetField of a Type with Reflector or JavaObject ?

    Hi, I want to use a type as an enum and I don't want to set the value of each string of that type since the fieldname IS what the string value will be. How to do it with Reflector or JavaObject ? Dim r As Reflector r.Target = BiomeType r.Target = r.RunMethod("getClass") Dim...
  3. TelKel81

    Android Question Using JavaObject or Reflector to get height of TabStripViewPager ?

    Hi, TabStripViewPager exposes very few attributes and I'm trying to get the height of the whole TabStrip. I have not been able to obtain this value using code such as : Dim r As Reflector r.Target = tabStrip Dim tabStripHeight As Int = r.RunMethod("getMeasuredHeight") However I know it's in...
  4. M

    Android Question Android 9 problem with android.os.SystemProperties

    Hi guys the code below does not work on Android 9. The error appears: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: void android.os.SystemProperties.<init>() is not accessible from java.lang.Class<anywheresoftware.b4a.agraham.reflection.Reflection> Can anyone help me? Sub...

    Android Question who to get TTS DefaultEngine name or PackageName

    Hello friends :) I use tts library who to get TTS DefaultEngine name or PackageName wiht "Reflector" ?