1. mcorbeel

    iOS Question Error building release app

    I have an issue with building my release app. The provision profile includes iCloud support. This is the error that is shown. I included these lines in my project: #MinVersion: 9 #Entitlement...
  2. Mrphone

    Android Question Blocked by Play Protect

    hi guys :) When installing the program, I get the error "Blocked by Play Protect" which is from Google Play ... I know this error is related to the signing key, but I use my signing key. Previously, everything was fine until I deleted my key signing key and then every key I made would get an...
  3. A

    Android Question ContactPicker Doesn't Work In Release(Obsfucated)

    hi Help me! ContactPicker doesn't work in Release(Obfuscated) but in Release or debug mode work correctly. amazing that don't get any errors or bad reaction and just don't work. for example i upload my little project that this issue visible into it.
  4. Pflichtfeld

    Android Question debug and release-Mode

    It is a silly question for profis, but I do not understand when use debug-mode and when release
  5. G

    German App in AppStore veröffentlichen

    Hi, ich versuche seit mehreren Stunden eine b4a App im Google app Store zu veröffentlichen. Ich habe: die Store Einträge gemacht, Inhalte beschrieben Video und ScreenShots geladen und APK Datei hochgeladen. Beim Versuch einen App-Release zu veröffentlichen setzt er den Status auf...
  6. A

    Android Question Problem when running my app with Firebase push notifications

    Hello, I tried to use Push notifications with Firebase, throe Erel's video tutorial. When running in release mode, this error occurred at the compiler: Uncaught translation error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lcom/google/android/gms/measurement/AppMeasurement; Uncaught...
  7. Scotter

    Android Question Upgraded b4a. Where is "Build Release app"?

    Hi - I don't see build release app in any of my menus. I see Compile & Run and Compile to library. Help? Thanks!
  8. J

    Android Question Version 8.5 Crashes when debugging, Release and Legacy Debug works

    Hi - I've spent several hours without finding the solution to this issue. I've used B4A about a year ago very successfully but have upgraded Laptop and have installed the latest B4A 8.50 I'm testing with the MyFirstProgram using source from \Booklets\Getting Started\SourceCode\MyFirstProgram\B4A...
  9. Mashiane

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Obfuscated Release?

    Ola Perhaps a stupid question. Does compiling ABM code in obfuscated release mode break anything in the app? Ive been using Release mode and just curious. #NotTested
  10. D

    iOS Question Ad-Hoc Release

    Hi :) I need to Release Ad-Hoc My App. Is There Any Way in B4i?
  11. Erel

    Other B4J v6.01 has been released!

    I'm happy to release B4J v6.00. This is the largest update to the IDE since the release of the new IDE. Several important components were rewritten to provide more features and better performance: Visual designer properties grid Visual designer views tree Modules tree (new component) Files...