rest api

  1. walterf25

    B4J Question FireStore Rest API Help

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on an ABMaterial web app and I am using this library (class) found here so far I have used this in a few other projects and I like it very much as it makes it simple to leverage the use of firestore sign in, sign up and firestore database functions. I am...
  2. james_sgp

    Wordpress REST Api Authorization Help

    Hi, I am now working on using the WP REST API to confirm login details of my apps user. I`m using the following code, which is partially working; but I`m not getting the expected response from the API. The code I`m using is Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1...
  3. Amirfk

    Android Question Communication with rest api by get function in ok httputils2 library

    Hello, I am using the following code to communicate with the rest api, but I am facing a 404 error. Each link and variable are correct. What suggestion and criticism do you have for this problem, thanks in advance .
  4. N

    Android Question Push notification from wordpress to Android e iOS using firebase

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if someone Knows how to make push notifications directly from WordPress to iOS and Android apps using firebase. How can integrate a solution like this one on b4i and b4a?
  5. aeric

    Share My Creation Print Server (USB Thermal Receipt) running on Raspberry Pi

    This is a demo video of B4J Print Server which is a REST API Web Server. The server can run on Windows and Linux including on a Raspberry Pi OS. I have also created B4J, B4A and B4i Client app to send request to the server through GET and POST. The print data can contain ESC/POS string sent...
  6. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Library [B4X] Firebase Auth REST API

    Not all API commands I have implemented and tested, if you have problems, then ask in the comments or in a new thread. With this class you can register and log in your users via email and password. And a lot more... Setup: put your API Key in the Class_Globals Private const API_KEY As String...
  7. I

    Android Question REST APIs format

    Hi Guys I have been using httputil for a long time, and with every thing we have done so far we are building the calls using something similar to the code below job1.Download2("", _ Array As String("key1", "value1", "key1", "value2")) which will output...
  8. ViMeAv ICT

    Developing connector rest api EXACT (netherlands)

    I'm looking for someone who can help me with the development of a connector to the rest api of Exact. There exist code examples : and info : I prefer using the visual studio but this is not...
  9. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation Epoxy - proxy address manager REST

    Can be found on github. Written some years ago to manage proxy addresses and store reliability notes. In-memory database. REST-based. MIT license.
  10. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation BOD - REST error logging

    BOD Listens on localhost:54321 and receives logging messages.
  11. Alejandro Moyano

    Android Question [SOLVED] When i PUT a JSON the server responses bad request

    Hi im working on a Flask restfull API for a Android App, as is my first android client i having troubles with a PUT request, i send the json but the server responces bad request, the reason: the backend can't parse the json. I printed it on the log an paste it on "Postman" and its work very...
  12. Mashiane

    Share My Creation [BANAno] Waking the JQuery Mobile Dino for a rest api experiment

    Download Source Code Download BANanoJQM Actually, this is rather a weird one... Decided to experiment with JQuery Mobile framework to explore a movie database rest api. This was a quick implementation for the UX though just for what I needed. I guess because I initially started with JQ...
  13. FrostCodes

    B4J Library Cuppify - build Modern REST API's with ease

    A Professional B4J framework that allows you to build Modern REST API's with ease. You can download: HERE You can download JsonGenerator2 from here It is with the source code. You can upload your fixes or extra extensions to it and share and it would be merged if useful to the official...
  14. atulindore

    Share My Creation CryptoStream - live and streaming rates for bitcoin and Cryptocurrecies

    Hi Friends Pls check my first google play store app for bitcoin and cryptocurrency streaming rates. I have used exchanges rest APIs and JSON parser to create this app. Download Live Streaming Crypto App at Google Play:
  15. Mashiane

    B4J Question HTTPUtils: REST API Resource Error on existing end point

    Hi there Im using HttpJob to read a rest api, this works (returns the results) and sometimes does not (returns the resource has been moved/does not exist). This is being used with wait for. The end point I have been provided exists however the job.ErrorMessage is at times 'Not Found' and...
  16. S

    Android Question Sharepoint online connection

    Dear B4A members and experts I am new to programming and B4A. my place of work has sharepoint online and we have many sites (teamsites) in sharepoint. I would like to make app to connect to data in a sharepoint list of a site to show data on the app on mobile. anybody please advise would be...
  17. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] Google Geocoding REST API Get only City Name [Solved]

    Hello, i have this code to get from the lat and lon the city name, streetadress etc. Sub PlaceToLatLon(lat As Float, lon As Float) As ResumableSub Dim j As HttpJob Dim city2 As String j.Initialize("", Me) j.Download2("", _...