resumable subs

  1. LWGShane

    Wish [IDE, ResumableSub] Wait For a non-resumable sub should throw warning.

    For Each TotalPlayer As String In TS.Players Dim Sum As Int = SumAll(TotalPlayer, TS.Multiplier) Wait For (SumAll(TotalPlayer, TS.Multiplier)) Complete (Sum As Int) 'This should throw a waring but doesn't and thus breaks program flow. Dim SB As StringBuilder...
  2. erol34

    B4J Tutorial Office Scanner tutorial

    Hi friends, I wrote a B4J program and a comprehensive tutorial in my blog page. It shows who is online in local network by names of persons. It scans 254 ip numbers in less than one minute.. You can see the complete source code and steps to follow for beginners, including installation and...
  3. akinnovation1

    Android Question resumable sub and debug/release mode

    Hi, I have a trouble with my app. The app is fine when I run it in debug mode, but crash in release mode. controllo_g$ResumableSub_Leggiscriviresume (java line: 145) android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException at android.os.StrictMode$AndroidBlockGuardPolicy.onNetwork(