1. M

    B4J Question Problem Encrypting a string using a Public Certificate

    Below is the code I'm trying to use to encrypt string using a Public Cert (see attachment). Private Sub EncryptRSAWithPublicKey1(Text As String,PublicKey As String) As String Dim kpg As KeyPairGenerator Dim Cipher As Cipher Dim su As StringUtils Dim pubkey() As Byte =...
  2. J

    iOS Code Snippet RSA - Encryption and key generator (GPT-4 Experiment)

    Disclaimer: This post was written entirely with GPT-4 model Version: 0.1 Greetings, The absence of an RSA library in B4i, particularly for generating RSA key pairs and adjusting encryption key size, has been a personal challenge for me. Despite not being well-versed in Objective C, I was...
  3. toby

    Android Question Problems wtih RSA encrypt/decrypt between B4A and PHP

    I want to be able to encrypt some data in B4A and decrypt it with PHP on the server and vice versa. I use this online tool to generate the public and private keys. Both PHP and B4A use same keys and the test data is "this is a test". What I've achieved so far: 1. Encrypt and decrypt...
  4. KMatle

    B4J Library bcprov-jdk18on-171 (BouncyCastle) update (encryption)

    Tested under B4J Java 11 agains OpenSSL (PHP): AES256 RSA (creating/using keys including signing/verifying) Hashing (HMAC, SHA1, 256 and 512) via Agraham's Encryption library Download:
  5. JWT

    B4J Question decryption of private key using RSA and PKCS1_v1_5

    I'm trying to port a Python implementation which is used for turning on/off Wifi TP-Link P100 wall plugs or light bulbs. The way to turn the P100 on or off is in the following order using htpp requests: - handshaking by means of a key pair (private and public) - login by username...
  6. nwhitfield

    iOS Question RSA support in B4i

    Having just implemented some stuff using RSA encryption and signing in my back end API, and in a B4A app that uses it, I'm hoping to add similar to the iOS app. However, on looking, it seems that RSA support on B4i is rather more limited. The main support seems to be the iRSA library, but that...
  7. carlos7000

    Android Question Encrypt decrypt using RSA

    Hello everyone I am trying to create a simple application that allows to send and receive messages in a secure way, using rsa or another similar system. I wrote this little code to see if it was possible to create a pair of keys (one public and one private), save them and use them again later...
  8. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial [B4x] RSA sign & verify messages (extra: with corresponding php code)

    This little tutorial is about signing and verifying data you send/receive between apps (= all "programs", even websites). You can use it in B4A without a change (I don't know how B4i works, but I assume there are similar libs). You should know how RSA works. If not, take a Google search and you...
  9. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial Using RSA on a ESP32 via Inline C

    Here's nother example how to use RSA on a ESP32 based on this documentation: Notes: - If the filesystem does not work, you need to format it with fs.format once. - I've just copied the Public and Private Key from another app - Both...
  10. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] RSA Encrypt and Decrypt

    Hey, i build a auth method for my app to protect my API and one of this step is to signed requests to the api to ensure that every request comes from my app. RSA is the best method for that, because this is not a hash, so that the same input is ever the same output. The API knows the Private...
  11. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question RSA Encryption allways the same output

    Hey, why is this code working on B4J, but not on B4A? Private Sub EncryptRSAWithPublicKey(Text As String,PublicKey As String) As String Dim su As StringUtils Dim pubkey() As Byte = su.DecodeBase64(PublicKey) Dim Enc As Cipher Enc.Initialize("RSA") Dim kpg As...
  12. KMatle

    Wish ESP32: AES & RSA encryption (C code attached)

    I've found examples in C but I'm not experienced with inline C. Could someone adapt these examples to usable inline code? RSA AES...
  13. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial [B4x] RSA example (asyncstreams)

    - Changed to B4x as the subs can be used in B4A, too - "Send File" added (new Button to send a file to the other client) This tutorial is based on Erel's Asyncstreams example: RSA basics...
  14. alimanam3386

    B4A Library Manam RSA

    Hi guys I recently created this class for a particular project, you can use it , you can google the RSA algorithm for more information. and merry Christmas :)