1. J

    Android Question RTL DsTabLayout

    hi i use AhViewPager and DsTabLayout in my app, my languge app is Persian so i need to set my tabs to RTL. how i can do this? Thanks
  2. MegatenFreak

    Android Question [SOLVED] [B4XComboBox] How to align displayed items to the right?

    Hi. I want the user to see the items listed as aligned to the right side (as it's RTL) when they open the combo box item list. I've tried the following without success: 1. Setting text horizontal alignment to RIGHT in Designer. 2. Different methods in code: Private CBox As B4XComboBox '1: (app...
  3. MegatenFreak

    Android Question Questions about B4XTable (RTL orientation and having custom panels within the table)

    Hello everyone. I'm writing an Android version of a desktop app I wrote. Unfortunately, the B4J code hasn't used B4XTable, just the default TableView. Learning that in B4A there is no TableView view like in B4J, I came to the conclusion that I must use B4XTable, hence the following issues: 1...
  4. epiCode

    Android Question B4XFloatTextField padding & RTL

    I'm using B4XFloatTextField and having few concerns 1. Padding on right side hides X and Tick symbols 2. When Arabic/Urdu/Persian text is entered in text field it moves the text on Right Side (which it should) but again the text is below X and Tick symbol (which should have ideally moved to...
  5. A

    Android Question How To Fix DSTablayout And Ahviewpager RTL Problem

    Hi every body Here is my project: Gofile (this is a link) as you can see im trying to make whole project rtl and give it nice type face and i did it. but there is two little problems here 1. as you see tab indicator is not showing 2. this is a little bigger problem: im loading panels in page...
  6. H

    Android Question SetApplicationAttribute programmatically

    What is the code that equivalent to this SetApplicationAttribute (android:supportsRtl, true) That code is in manifest file, I want to write it in activity or service code.
  7. H

    Android Question Listview RTL direction

    using this library by @Semen Matusovskiy Listview is not changed to RTL direction! any suggestion