runtime permissions

  1. a6000000

    I want The MqttChat Example in [B4XPages] with runtime permissions

    I want The MqttChat Example in [B4XPages] with runtime permissions Mqtt Example 4 or more Modules: [Main] - [B4XMainPage maybe a start button to Layout1] - [PageLayout1] - [PageLayout2] -...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question [B4X] B4XPages - how to handle PermissionResult

    I see that the B4XPages has a "PermissionResult" event, how i use it right?
  3. A

    Android Question How to check PERMISSION_ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION in runtimepermissions

    Hi. I am trying to check if the application has permission to access the location all the time. But with runtimepermissions I did not find a way to check if the permission for location in background is allowed or not (that is, if the user selected to allow only with the app in use or to allow...
  4. A

    Android Question runtime permission problem

    Hello, I tried to use runtime permission for PERMISSION_READ_CONTACTS: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) rp.CheckAndRequest(rp.PERMISSION_READ_CONTACTS) wait for Activity_PermissionResult (Permission As String, Result As Boolean) <do something> End Sub But (on release...
  5. Dave O

    Android Question [solved] AudioStreamer and "not initialized" exceptions

    If you're trying to record audio using AudioStreamer (via the internal Audio library), and you're getting exceptions when you try to start recording ("uninitialized AudioRecord object"), it may be because of permissions - specifically runtime permissions. I downloaded Erel's AudioStreamer...
  6. A

    Android Question INTERNET and WAKE_LOCK permissions

    Hello, does anybody know, for the permission: android.permission.INTERNET and android.permission.WAKE_LOCK, Is it needed to use RuntimePermissions? (btw, what down it meen android.permission.WAKE_LOCK ?) Thanks in advance
  7. M

    Android Question Android 6 CheckAndRequest always return True

    Hi guys, I'm facing a weird problem while trying to understand Android's Runtimepermission. I've followed the Erel's tutorial here: It seems that does not matter what is the setting give to a resource...
  8. ilan

    Android Question Runtime permission Problem

    hi i have problems with Runtimepermission on B4A8+. when i check for the permission and also request it and the result was false the request is not done. the weird thing is that in DEBUG mode everything works fine but if i run it in release mode the check/request of the permission does only a...

    Android Question open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)

    Hello guys, I'm trying Erel's test app ( file from this thread, page 2) and having Permission Denied when choosing a photo from photo Gallery. I started searching for a solution and one of then pointed to add the following line to the project manifest...