1. M

    iOS Question ScaleCenter Animation

    hi, i was looking for the ScaleCenter Animation (that on B4A is included in the Animation Library). There is something to achieve the same result on ios? Thanks
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Views not scaling properly on LG K10 (2017).

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers sent me the attached screen shots showing my app views not scaling properly. His phone is the LG K10 (2017) model. I tested the app on several phones we own which are mostly Samsung. It scales well on the Samsung J7, S6, S7 Edge and S8. Can you tell me what I...
  3. LucaMs

    Android Question Module Scale "issues"

    Probably I forgot how to use the module Scale. Starting from this example layout (variant 480x320-1): On my tablet (1280x800-1): Code used (no scripts): Activity.LoadLayout("Lay1") ' Scale.Rate = 0.3 Scale.Initialize Scale.ScaleAll(Activity, True) Why Button2 is not...
  4. coldteam

    Android Question Box2D world scale

    Hi, i try to start use Box2D and need some help: 1. set camera like this: Dim Scale As Int = 100 Sub LG_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int) Camera.Initialize2( Scale * 4, Scale * 4 * Height / Width) Camera.Position.set(0, Scale, 0) End Sub 2. set world: Dim vGravity As lgMathVector2...