1. S

    Android Question B4A Question , Font Scaling Problem (Any Device)

    Hello To Active Forum Members I've Recently installed B4A To Develop an app Which i succeed thanks to forum and tutorials. Now im In Realese phase and i'm having a problem with scaling - I used Blue Stacks Emulator To develop my App ( No Bridge ) and every things works fine. - But When i use...
  2. Z

    Android Question Difference between designer and display

    Hi all, I bought B4A years ago when it was paid, but I'm only using it now. I don't understand why in the designer, connected to an Amazon Fire 7" (5th generation) tablet (unlocked and with the play store) with the "fit to connected device" option, in the bottom right corner the designer...
  3. aeric

    B4J Library [Source code] ImageScaler

    Introduction: I don't know if there is any library exist to resize image in B4J non-UI app. I thought such library will be useful to process images for web server in building REST API for e-commerce or e-learning web apps. I found an example on web and chose the third method, from an old project...
  4. kiki78

    Android Question Tablet report bad screen size

    Hello, I have an old B4A application that work fine with only one designer variant since more than 6 years with lot of tablet. It is design with 1280 x 800 scale 1 and work with all screen resolution. We have new tablet with classic 10.1" 1920 x 1200 screen that never correctly adapt. In...
  5. J

    B4J Question I need comfort...

    I have developed a (mostly) cross-platform app. I am pleased with that app and I wish to release it starting with B4J. If that is successful I will then release B4A and B4i versions. But I have issues that may or may not be a problem. Kindly help me address one or more of those issues. I...
  6. Cebuvi

    Android Question Save scale and position in ZoomImageView

    In my app I use the ZoomImageView library. After changing the scale and position of an image, I would like to know if it is possible to maintain those values when refreshing the image. Thanks
  7. M

    iOS Question ScaleCenter Animation

    hi, i was looking for the ScaleCenter Animation (that on B4A is included in the Animation Library). There is something to achieve the same result on ios? Thanks
  8. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Views not scaling properly on LG K10 (2017).

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers sent me the attached screen shots showing my app views not scaling properly. His phone is the LG K10 (2017) model. I tested the app on several phones we own which are mostly Samsung. It scales well on the Samsung J7, S6, S7 Edge and S8. Can you tell me what I...
  9. LucaMs

    Android Question Module Scale "issues"

    Probably I forgot how to use the module Scale. Starting from this example layout (variant 480x320-1): On my tablet (1280x800-1): Code used (no scripts): Activity.LoadLayout("Lay1") ' Scale.Rate = 0.3 Scale.Initialize Scale.ScaleAll(Activity, True) Why Button2 is not...
  10. coldteam

    Android Question Box2D world scale

    Hi, i try to start use Box2D and need some help: 1. set camera like this: Dim Scale As Int = 100 Sub LG_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int) Camera.Initialize2( Scale * 4, Scale * 4 * Height / Width) Camera.Position.set(0, Scale, 0) End Sub 2. set world: Dim vGravity As lgMathVector2...