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Hi all, I bought B4A years ago when it was paid, but I'm only using it now.

I don't understand why in the designer, connected to an Amazon Fire 7" (5th generation) tablet (unlocked and with the play store) with the "fit to connected device" option, in the bottom right corner the designer reports a resolution of 600x976 pixels , instead in reality the resolution is 600x1024 pixels.

Also, in the designer on the tablet screen, while I'm creating the interface, all the elements actually match the preview, but when I'm running the actual program, the graphics are out of place.

Thanks for the replies.


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The height difference is caused by the Soft Touch commands (back, home, recent).
Search for Immersive Mode in the forum to learn how to have full display usage.
As you have a paid version of B4A I would suggest you to contact the B4X Support to become a Licensed User.
This will make your future posts to be published immediately and will make Q&A faster for you and for who can answer.
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Brian Dean

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Are you using anchors? If you use anchors properly you rarely need to worry about the actual pixel dimensions of the device screen.

For your top panel, for instance, you should be using the double-arrow anchor that will allow you to set the left-side and right-side margins that will adjust to any screen width.

Here is a very quick example ...


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