1. F

    iOS Question Screenshots do not sufficiently show your app in use

    Hi guys I recently uploaded my app to the Apple Team for review I added the screenshots in the sizes they requested but I keep getting this message (I don't have an Apple device) We noticed that your screenshots do not sufficiently show your app in use. Specifically, your 6.7-inch iPhone...
  2. alirezahassan

    B4A Library [B4A] - AH_TakeScreenShot - Take a screenshot (Library)

    Hi all, You can take a screenshot of the screen with a single line of code. in the next version you can take a screen shot with desired view. this zip file have a library and a sample. Currently version v1.0 (2021/05/23) Private Sub BTN_ScreenShot_Click Dim bitmap As Bitmap...
  3. Scotter

    iOS Question No iPad (only iPhone 8) - how do I generate screen shot for iTunes?

    Happy Saturday @Erel @mcqueccu Hope you two are safe and stocked up. Any ideas how a Windows guy with only an iPhone 8 (no iPad) can generate iPad sized screen shots of my app for iTunes app submission? In B4i designer, the app does adapt to landscape. They accepted my first version because...
  4. mcorbeel

    iOS Question Rejected screenshots for Apple Store

    I made an app and am struggling for days now to get it on the Apple store. As I have an iPod for developing my code, I made screenshots with this device. Problem is that for the Apple store i need screenshots of 1242 x 2208 and the size of the iPod screenshots is 768x960. Okay simply resize...