1. Carlos marin

    Zendesk SDK iOS and Android wrapper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the Zendesk SDK wrapper, both for iOS and Android, with all its services: SUPPORT SDK Zendesk Guide ANSWER BOT SDK CHAT SDK V2 TALK SDK The SDK link is as follows: You can...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question StartApp Ads

    Hello, someone know who wrap this lib? I'm trying to use the ad StartApp from this github, it's working, but the SDK version is 3.2.0 and the currently version is 4.8.11. Thank you.
  3. A

    Android Question Command-line tools link expired

    Hi! The command-line tools link on the installation page returns a 404 Maybe it's a problem from Google side consider changing links thanks 🙏🏻
  4. I

    Java Question Creating A Wrapper For Manufacturer SDK In B4A

    I have an SDK from a device manufacturer containing a jar file and some .so files in arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a folders. Please how do I create a wrapper for the SDK so that I can use it in my B4X application?
  5. I

    Android Question Creating A Wrapper For Manufacturer SDK In B4A

    I have an SDK from a device manufacturer containing a jar file and some .so files in arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a folders. Please how do I create a wrapper for the SDK so that I can use it in my B4X application? I have not created any wrapper before.
  6. Angel Garcia

    Android Question java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aewt

    Hello All, I'm deploying a new App on PlayStore and, on the Pre-Launch report I'm having this ANR Issue with 2 devices: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aewt FATAL EXCEPTION: Firebase-Messaging-Intent-Handle Process:, PID: 29087 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aewt...
  7. walterf25

    Java Question Help (SumUp SDK Library Wrapper)

    Hi All, i am working on wrapping a library for a client, the jar file and xml file compile just fine, i have copied both files to my /additionallibraries folder but when I run an example app to test the library i get the following errors: I have copied the merchan-sdk-3.2.2.aar file to the...
  8. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question which minimum sdk 2020?

    Target SDK = 28 is clear, but what minimum SDK should you specify for the playstore in 2020? Greetings
  9. solutionhacker

    Android Question Agora.IO SDK for Android

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I am interested in using the Agora.IO Android SDK for doing a video chat app. Agora seems to be a nice platform for connecting people and has a generous free usage tier. I spent some time reading their Android SDK documentation...
  10. Multiverse app

    Android Question Support for Huawei Code Kits

    We wish to implement all the Huawei libraries to our B4A apps, but it appears that the Documentation is for Android Studio. This process includes downloading App ID JSON, like Firebase, updating gradle, etc. Not very sure how this can be Implemented in B4A. Also, can the wrapper for these SDKs...
  11. solutionhacker

    Android Question SDK Compatibility for DJI Mavic Mini

    Hello, Does anyone know if there will be any compatibility or updates for the B4A library to support the latest release of the DJI Mavic Mini? It seems like this is one of DJI's most lightweight and improved quadcopter yet released. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything on DJI's...
  12. M

    Android Question CRASH using AppCompat object

    Hi everyone, i recently opened up a project that i stopped some time ago, before all the updates. In the project i used AppCompat Checkboxes and switches and as soon as the layout loads up the app crashes. I tried to remove the checkboxes, switches ans library, and it doens't crash anymore...
  13. A

    Android Question [SOLVED]Maven artifact not found: androidx.documentfile/documentfile

    Hello! I tried to run an app uses NB6 and User activity recognition, but the compiler showed this Error: Organizing libraries. Error Maven artifact not found: androidx.documentfile/documentfile I switched to AndroidX SDK, Installed all recommended items, and installing JDK 8, but the...
  14. L

    Android Question Update to v9.3

    Good morning, After the update to the versione 9.3 I got this error while I compile my project about some imports in my inline Java codes. Organizzazione Librerie. (0.49s) (AndroidX SDK) Generazione file R. (24.98s) Compilazione del codice Java prodotto. Error javac 1.8.0_144...
  15. abilio486software

    Java Question Dificult using an external .aar library

    moved to
  16. A

    Android Question Warning while submitting an update

    Hello, I've just added Firebase Notifications to my app with ready to run sdk . when trying to publish the update at the Google play console, this warning had shown: You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that uses Google Play services version 12451000. This will only work with Android API...
  17. figorra

    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] B4A Error en sdk manager v.3.25

    Tengo este error: Cuando abro el SDK del editor, además no hace nada, ni muestra nada. Por otro lado, con la versión 2.54 del Bridge, me sale este otro. Parece un tema de permisos, pero no puedo encontrar donde cambiar esta carpeta temporal a otra con permisos. ¿Os ha pasado alguna...
  18. R

    Android Question adb.exe entry point not found

    Houston I have a problem, please help. B4A v 8.00 Win XP .net 4.0 Samsung J3 (2015) Android 5.1.1 I tried out the google maps sample, and in doing so I had to use the SDK manager to install (all recommended) Android-28. Now I get adb.exe error Entry point not found in .dll. I am using...
  19. KMatle

    Android Question Android.jar: Should we go to 28? (aka "missing ressources")

    Today I've opened an older project and a "missing (maven)" error occured. No problem but I was wondering why it showed up because I'm using Android.jar from SDK 27 and it was found under 28. So should we go to 28? (I assume then it will be shown as...
  20. Multiverse app

    Android Question B4A Sdk Manager Error

    When I open the SDK manager, I get the following error Any solutions?