1. A

    Android Question How to make a loading screen?

    Hello everyone! I want a loading screen that would be deactivated on start a sub; I want this loading screen to have a gif in the center, and responsive. How to do that?
  2. jroriz

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Splash screen doesn't stay transparent if views are added to the mainform?

    I used the example of the splash screen, but starting from a button. The background is no longer transparent. I noticed that this is because I added the button to the mainform. Does anyone know why the image has not transparent anymore? I took exactly the example of the link below. I only...
  3. M

    iOS Question Make the status bar invisible AND the bottom bar (on iphoneX +)

    Hi everyone, it's possible to make the status bar transparent (in the screenshot is the white space at the top), anche make transparent the bottom part? This layout is simply a web view with a GIF, in the designer the Webview is set to cover all the area. This represent the splashsceen. Thanks!
  4. M

    iOS Question Hide TabController in one page (full screen) and display in others

    Hi everyone. I structred my app like so: - Splashscreen (where I test the internet connection) - Login Page - Home Page I would like to use TabBarController (i already did other post in order to understand how to use this thing), but i need it only in Home Page. In splashscreen and Login Page...