1. R

    Android Question Swift button in preferences dialog to do action and close the dialog?

    Is it possible to do this? So, that is press the button, do the action and the dialog will close without having to press the OK button. If so is there an example of this somewhere? RBS
  2. LucaMs

    B4J Question SwiftButton background

    Same SwiftButton: B4A B4J
  3. saeed10051

    Android Question how to initialize XUI views

    I am trying to load Swiftbutton at run time similar to a normal button. There i am required to initialize my swiftbutton but there are two parameters that need to be specified when initializing swiftbutton i.e. callback as object and event name as string. Is there a working example of loading...
  4. Myr0n

    Android Example [B4X] SwiftButton - Adding Click/LongClick event

    The next code add the funcionality in b4x to capture the click & longClick using Touch, in case of b4j add the option to fire the longClick using the Right Mouse Click or the secondary mouse button. - Unzip the file "XUI Views.b4xlib" - Look for the file "SwiftButton.bas" and open - Add the...
  5. Unobtainius

    Android Question SwiftButton Corner Radius not working for me?

    I drop my swiftbuttons onto a layout using the designer and set the corner radius No matter what I set it to, it always remains the same when I run the layout It looks fine in the WYSIWYG designer I deploy to samsung TABA, TABS, and Note 8 with the same result on all devices The pictures pretty...