1. M

    Bug? Send To UI Cloud option not available

    Hi everyone, why don't I have he "Send to UI Cloud" button? is it only for iOS? thanks in advance
  2. james_sgp

    Android Question BBCodeview text, doesn`t seem to scale on tablet

    Hi, my app is using quite a lot of BBCodeviews to display text in various ways. I have created it all to look nice on a mobile phone, but when i install on a tablet it seems the text isn`t sizing properly. My text is much smaller that the 'list numbers'? Any advice? James
  3. kiki78

    Android Question Tablet report bad screen size

    Hello, I have an old B4A application that work fine with only one designer variant since more than 6 years with lot of tablet. It is design with 1280 x 800 scale 1 and work with all screen resolution. We have new tablet with classic 10.1" 1920 x 1200 screen that never correctly adapt. In...
  4. SimonAndroid

    Italian Tablet con lettore di codici a barre integrato, esiste?

    Buonasera amici, devo fare un'applicazione da installare su un tablet che abbia a bordo un lettore di codice a barre, in pratica il dispositivo deve essere installato e ancorato sulla macchina industriale, in modo che l'operatore non tocchi nemmeno il display del tablet, perciò avevo pensato ad...
  5. Pablo Torres

    Android Question Plot points and slide them to the left

    Hi, I have a Tablet connected to an arduino that is sending to the tablet data (one value) 50 times per second. I have to show that data in the tablet, and it has to look like the red part in the image below. Now, the question is, how can I “add” new point to the left, erase first point of the...
  6. MitchBu

    Android Question My app main screen appears as a small square on a tablet ?

    Any suggestion ? TIA
  7. Sagenut

    Wish [SOLVED] AVD Tablets Templates

    I have been searching in the forum but it looks that no one still asked for this. What about the idea of adding even some Tablets Templates to the AVD Manager? 7, 8 and 10 Inches. Or maybe just 8 and 10 Inches. Could it be a good idea to open a Poll on this request?