1. Serge Nova

    Share My Creation Simple Chat (WhatsApp and Telegram family)

    Hello Dear Programmers, I am back with an Instant Messaging application from the WhatsApp and Telegram family. The functionalities are: - Register or Login ; - Reception and updating of messages on the home page; - Sends text messages and multimedia files; - Modification of personal...
  2. red30

    iOS Question Send file to Telegram

    On the forum, I found an example of sending a file to telegram via B4J. It is also suitable via B4A. But I can't use this example to send a file via B4I because the library iRandomAccessFile doesn't support CountingInputStream. In general, this example is necessary for uploading files with...
  3. SinaDeveloper

    Android Question Push notification without using Firebase

    Hello Telegram has stated in its FAQ section that: We currently have two types of notifications on Android: Google's Messaging cloud (GCM) and our own custom notification service that is independent of Google. Note that Google Notifications (GCM) may not work on some Android devices. Telegram...
  4. A

    Telegram Group

    @Erel he creado un grupo de telegram para preguntas y dudas, aquí les dejo el enlace para los usuarios que quieran unirse. Comunidad B4X
  5. alirezahassan

    B4J Tutorial [B4J] - Lottery for Telegram (Source)

    Hi all, Used to make a lottery in Telegram. You can expand the UI of this app and use it like TV lotteries. for example: (Be sure to watch the clip) this zip file has a Source code. ‍Please like this post to increase my motivation. :) You can subscribe to my Telegram channel to use my text and...
  6. behnam_tr

    B4J Question jtelegrambot -how make keyboard

    hi i want to to make keyboard with jtelegrambot i want to have three button in one row how can i do it Dim ib As KeyboardButtonBuilder ib.Initialize Dim mark As ReplyKeyboardMarkup...
  7. behnam_tr

    B4J Question JTelegramBot Problem

    hello everyone i got this error in JTelegramBot library Program started. JTelegramBot (myseke_bot) starts in "Polling" mode. NegativeResponseException{httpResponseCode=401, errorCode=401, description='Unauthorized'} io.fouad.jtb.core.exceptions.NegativeResponseException: Error Code = 401 |...