1. pliroforikos

    Android Question Textbox border and color

    Goodday to all I'm trying to make something like this with my text boxes. White border and text without the line underneath but i'm only did this: The first textbox is B4XFloatTextField which it has attributes for border and colors in designer the second is a simple EditText field which it...
  2. Q

    Android Question IME adjustPan does not always force up the activity when text view get the focus

    Hello, I am working on an application with many activities, all of them in portrait mode. The application is very complex and has a large number of views. Unfortunately, when I work with textboxes, in some cases, the default activity's 'adjustpan' works perfectly, but in other cases, it simply...
  3. A

    Android Question Array of text boxes or list

    Hello, I am trying to make an activity with on a horizontal line 1 label and 3 text boxes. the label just contains a number. Of the 3 text boxes, two must be filled in. When a enter is given, the third will be filled in and three new textboxes will appear. In the end, there will be a long...