Android Question IME adjustPan does not always force up the activity when text view get the focus

Q Candiani

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Hello, I am working on an application with many activities, all of them in portrait mode. The application is very complex and has a large number of views. Unfortunately, when I work with textboxes, in some cases, the default activity's 'adjustpan' works perfectly, but in other cases, it simply does not work. I can not find the pattern of this behavior. I have read many forums about this but I could not find any solution. I tried to edit The Manifest in different ways, I also tried to use the Reflector library, but the behavior is still unpredictable: in some Activities it works well, in others it does not. I have emulated between different devices with different Android APIs and dimensions, but nothing makes the difference regarding this unpredictable behavior. I know I could solve this problem with the IME library, but it would take a lot of time to resolve one by one in each case and the result might not be optimal.

Does anyone know what problem it could be? Why does IME adjustPan not force up the activity when text view get the focus?